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  1. San Andreas State Police Livery Pack v1.0.0

    Very cool liveries. Would love to see more models added, especially some of the other FPIUs.
  2. Blaine County Sheriff's Office Pack

    Very cool, two of my classmates went to them work with them frequently. I had seen Marin but nothing from Sonoma. Thanks for making them!
  3. Blaine County Sheriff's Office Pack

    Is this Sonoma County based?
  4. 2016 ALParger (Charger)

    Great car, love the setup but a few bugs to fix. Some already mentioned, also, there's no collision in the center of the vehicle. The front and back are alright but the entire body of it (front and back door) can be walked right through from side to side.
  5. BCSO Pack

    Awesome man, thanks! I rotate models out every once in a while but I'll check and send the template(s) to you to do with as you see fit, in the meantime I stuck a tahoe in there just to try out your textures :P For some reason I just really like the combination of brown/tan textures with all-blue lights for a rural ambiance, but for some reason it's hard to find good looking textures in those color schemes. There were some others, but they had comic sans looking writing for the motto and I couldn't bring myself to use that lol
  6. BCSO Pack

    Not sure if someone else has requested, but any plans to add FPIUs or any involved that I didn't see? Also, good work! Looks crisp haha
  7. BCSD Pack .1A

    where that BCSO character skin at tho
  8. San Andreas Bay Area Pack

    Greetings from MCSO! I like this pack a lot, I had been hoping someone might upload something like this eventually. Some minor tweaks needed here and there that have already been addressed but still very cool!
  9. San Andreas State Police - Vehicle Textures

    I like these a lot, will there be additional vehicles, e.g. 13 and/or 16 FPIU or 2015 charger?
  10. San Andreas LEO Pack

    Cool, I didn't see another post about it but I for one would like to see more if you decide to!
  11. San Andreas LEO Pack

    I really like those thin blue line themed skins. Are they or will they be available for LSPD rather than Paleto?
  12. Will you be adding the 16 FPIU or only the 13 for the time being?
  13. Small Town PD 2014 FPIU (ELS)

    I think small towns around here must be a little better funded lol, but I love the light bar and its associated patterns. I like the simpler setups and the crisp rectangular bars. The detail on this vehicle is great from the takedowns to the turn signals and the interior. I hope there will be additional cvpi and chargers or a pack down the road. Good work!
  14. If you live in California and are familiar with the CHP, they're excellent. The light patterns are very simple for the CHP, and his are accurate. Anyways, the add-on option seems to result in a crash in my game when I try to install it with the most recent GTA update (1180), and I can't identify why. Has anyone else experienced a similar issue? I have not had any issues in the past with this pack in other updates and have not otherwise altered anything that would conflict with the content of the pack, so I haven't been able to identify which addition in the package install is the cause. [edit: and yes, the gameconfig is in]
  15. 4K Los Santos Sheriff Mega Pack

    If you still need them I can take some in game shots and stuff. Any chance you will be making some for the 2016 FPIUs?

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