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    Useful radio, better than the older policeradio.
  1. That looks very nice...I am looking forward to it
  2. Code 3 Rx2700

    Sorry, can't find it for you.
  3. Help

    Does the car work if you spawn it?
  4. The only thing you can do is train hard and believe in yourself!
  5. Siren

    That's also in the description... "Cars used" "Visual elements"
  6. RPH can't install.

    Haha maakt niet uit!
  7. RPH can't install.

    Did you attempt to launch it from the main folder?
  8. xbox 360

    PC only
    I like the callouts, my first callout was the dog one I searched for him for like 15 minutes in all of the ally's. After I while I found out he was underneath me at the LS River...Great.
  9. Help me get started

    If I was you I should get GTA V. And if you are going to buy something for gaming it is better to get a PC not a laptop. Laptops are expensive, PC parts you can assemble yourself which is cheaper.
  10. Western Australia Infringements

    Now I can go on a safe vancation to Australia, cheers!
  11. NewsHeliPursuit

    I have waited for such a script to come, now it is here! 5 Stars!
    Phew, now the highway is safe for officers!
  12. High Priority Callouts

    I like these callouts, maybe even the best so far! Warning for everyone: Don't attempt to get close to a terrorist or...BOOM!

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