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  1. Hope so, then we'd have a reason to have it in our games. It's a good looking bar, reminds me of a flattened out SAPOL light bar.
  2. As seen in this video: I've recently taken a liking to these light bars (especially with the top/bottom flash pattern @9m33s). There's some older Whelen Freedom's roaming around, one older ELS Freedom I believe with two columns at the front (in this model:, but none of the ones as shown in the vid. I'm aware that bxbugs has made a non-ELS Freedom IV exclusively for the highspeed-gaming server (which impressively does all three types of patterns, "blocky", "diagonal" and "top/bottom"), which they use as an all blue bar for their Virginia State Police cvpi, but being made for a server - I'm not holding my breath for a public release. Would be hectic to see in game, so just throwing the suggestion out there in the hopes that somebody is looking for their next project.
  3. We're taking a break from big name YouTubers for the next few Spotlight's. They will no doubt return, but they've had a good reign on our front page! In the next couple of releases, I actually hope to focus on mod dev's. If you've got any tips for who specifically I should feature in a spotlight (or a which part of the community I should look at), feel free to shoot me a PM, or flag us down on Twitter @LCPDFR.
  4. Does this model by any chance come with the same transmission, tailshaft and electrical issues as it does irl? Can we expect this in a future update?
  5. Spotlight has rolled around again, this time we feature another well known name in the YouTube community! In this edition of the Community Spotlight, we got to sit down with another well known name in LSPDFR/YouTube content creation, (Officer) FirstThirtyMinutes.
  6. Spotlight has rolled around again! This time we feature another well known name in the YouTube community. In this edition of the Community Spotlight, we got to sit down with another well known name in LSPDFR/YouTube content creation, (Officer) FirstThirtyMinutes. At the time of writing this article, FirstThirtyMinutes has published 1,640 YouTube videos and has nearly 520,000 subscribers - those are some huge numbers - and growing rapidly! For those unaware of you who are, can you tell us a bit about yourself? My name is Carson. Im 26 and live in the great state of South Carolina. While I’m not a real officer myself, I greatly support the effort of police departments in bettering their communities. How'd you find out about LSPDFR and can you give us a rough estimate about when that was? I actually learned about LSPDFR through playing the LCPDFR mod for GTA IV. When GTA V came out on PC, I knew it was only a matter of time before LSPDFR would be released. Roughly when did you start getting into YouTube/producing LC/LSPDFR videos? My first ever LCPDFR video was uploaded on my channel July 22nd, 2012. LCPDFR was the entire reason for me wanting to get a “gaming” PC. I saw how much fun people were having pretending to police the streets of Liberty City and wanted to play myself. What made you love LSPDFR so much? The great community here! Seriously; I have gotten to know so many mod creators and members over the past few years. I am entirely blown away by the amount of high quality stuff being created by the community. It’s really a great bunch of people. What motivated you to start making LC/LSPDFR videos and what was it like starting out? Before I started creating videos, everyone who played LCPDFR looked like they were having so much fun. I’ve always enjoyed shows like “COPS” so it seemed like a logical thing to do. Starting out in anything is always a challenge. I continued to upload episodes and more people seemed to subscribe. I’ve always enjoyed the “law” side of law enforcement and encourage viewers to tell me how they would have handled a situation differently. Do you have a favourite song? Is it by any chance “Bad Boys” by Inner Circle? Not my favorite but "Bad Boys"is a great song! I enjoy most genres of music except Country. So how’d the name [Officer] “FirstThirtyMinutes” come along? Why not something like “OfficerCoolGuy”? Probably, one of my most asked questions! The original idea for my Youtube channel was to feature the first 30 minutes of gameplay for new games. I wanted to let people see what a game played like before purchasing or renting. I did several hundred videos of this concept and simply kept the name and added an officer to the front of it! Anything you'd like to see added into LSPDFR next? Whether it be a feature that didn't make it to LS from LC, or something new you've thought of yourself? I guess it would be in the form of a callout pack but some specific callouts for helicopters and boats. Probably, the top 2 requests I’ve seen in Youtube comments. What's been your favourite and/or most used vehicle to use on patrol? Of course, the faithful Crown Victoria. Favorite police car is the Carbon Motors E7. I think having a specific vehicle for law enforcement is a great idea but the implementation by Carbon Motors was flawed. I think we might see another company in the future attempt to bring a specialized mass produced vehicle to the market for LE. How much planning goes into an episode, is it an on the spot type deal, or are episode ideas organised in advance? The hardest part for me is figuring out what to base each video on. Putting out a patrol video almost daily can make it a little repetitive. It always helps if there’s a great new vehicle that’s been released or a new callout pack. Other than that, I just commentate on what’s happening. Nothing is scripted. So what's your daily schedule like now, being full time on YouTube, does recording and editing take up most of your day? (about how many hours go into each, recording/editing?) To record a 20-minute patrol video, takes roughly 3 hours. I normally record about an hour of gameplay. Cut the bad parts out. Spend about 45 minutes importing and editing. Another hour rendering then another hour to get it to upload to Youtube. That doesn’t include the countless hours trying to troubleshoot why LSPDFR or GTA V is crashing haha. It has by far been my most rewarding career and I love going to “work” every day. Do you play any other games other than GTA/LSPDFR or outside of the ‘Police’ type genre entirely, if so what attracts you to this genre of gaming? First person shooters will always have a special place in my heart. Playing Halo 2 growing up was a big part of that. I’d hate to admit it but I’ve always been an off and on Runescape player. I’ve been playing Old School Runescape since its introduction a few years ago. I don’t know why it’s so addicting. Also have a couple hundred hours into Planetside 2. Was there a career you’d ever liked to pursue other than YT? When I was in college, I majored in Finance and, currently, hold a few FINRA licenses. I’ve always enjoyed helping people with money problems so that might even be a possible future transition. Other than that, I’ve wanted to be a lawyer. In 2015, I even took a 6 month course to get my Paralegal Certificate. Unfortunately, the time and financial commitment always held me back. "Have you been nominated for any (YouTube/Entertainment) awards as yet?" No awards besides the plaque Youtube sends you for 100,000 subscribers. My wife even made me a special one for 500,000! Roughly how long did it take to reach your subscriber milestones, one thousand and so on? The first thousand was by far the hardest. Once you get started, it can snowball. I think it took a little over a year to get that first one thousand. The next milestone for me is the big 1 million subscribers. I find it important to stay focused on your goal and continue to make steady progress. If you make something you are proud of, people will notice. Do you ever get recognised while out and about from your videos? Only a handful of times. I'm pretty shy in real life so I do apologize if I'm awkward. That being said I always enjoy meeting viewers! Has the trip been fun so far? Is there any end in sight/do you ever plan on returning to normal non-famous life? Youtube has been, by far, my best and most interesting job I've ever had. I realize Youtube won't last forever so I've made plans to go back into the financial industry if I can no longer continue to make enough earnings to live on. Even if I stopped Youtube full time, I would continue to put out videos. Youtube started off as a hobby and is still a lot of fun for me. We’re near half way done with this year already! Can you let us in on some of your goals for the rest of 2017? n January of this year, I was fortunate to marry the love of my life. We had a blast at the wedding and spent a week in Turks and Caicos celebrating. Financially, trying to eliminate as much debt as possible from my life. The wife and I are also trying to cook more at our house. For Youtube, continue to try to get out a video a day! I want to do another charity stream this year and donate the proceeds to another organization that supports LE. Jeff and I were able to raise over $1k in 4 hours last year! Anything you wish to say to the community? This is such a special community to me. I think everyone involved should be proud of what it has accomplished. Keep creating content and being supportive of others and this community will thrive for years. I am so blessed to be part of it. That’s it for this edition of Community Spotlight! Massive shout out and thank you to @FirstThirtyMinutes for taking part as well as @Carrythxd, @jngo79, @Lundy, and @Mikofiticus for the seriously amazing images! In the next few editions of Community Spotlight, we’ll be looking at smaller channels and mod creators! If you have any ideas about who we should feature in a community spotlight, send us a tip or let us know on twitter! Thanks for tuning in! Until next time, take care, officers..
  7. Hey, if you ever plan on updating this pack (or as a suggestion for a future pack) I would like to suggest adding the ram bar that's on the marked version to the unmarked version too!
  8. This is Steve's first Spotlight on LSPDFR. Stay tuned, another great creator gets a spotlight release soon!
  9. Love your work. Really thought the blue skin shown in the pics would be in the pack, any chance of getting my hands on that skin? Makes the car 10x better tbh.
  10. There's really no wrong answer here when discussing the issue because we don't physically have the computer infront of us, we can't see for ourselves everything that's going on, but here's the main difference between you two, just the settings and he runs MVGA (which of course is more taxing again due to it's nature, and you have to turn some graphics settings to max for it to even work well), and then you got AA which is a major resource hog, you guys may have different settings for AA as well. This comes back to like I said, the differing expectations in how the game looks but also performs at the same time. So some of the issue is just high expectations, I'm sure if OP could settle for High settings his stutters would go away, but yeah, I find it hard to hand out that sort of advice when I myself find it hard to "settle" and turn down my settings.. Personally, reading back on it now, I'm surprised that he can get 40FPS with very high settings and MVGA on that gear, 40-50FPS in GTAV on very high gfx is not easy, especially with bare min gear. (I would consider 6300 and 960 not very far off a FX 6100 and GTX 660).
  11. It just depends on your settings and expectations for how the game will look and run, among other things like the what the rest of your setup is..
  12. That's the Ford spirit Solid cars (*cough* except for the hiccups with their auto boxes in the cheaper cars) To be honest, I really can picture the FGX Falcon with an American light bar and a Georgia/Ohio/Texas state trooper skin .. It really is an American looking car, in the later years Ford designed the front ends of most of their models with a mean/mustang type of idea .. Unfortunately the rear of the FGX is more european like a Jaguar, but can't win 'em all.. Doubly-unfortunate, the Falcon is now a discontinued model as of this year
  13. Weird but refreshing to see the Australian Ford Falcon in an American (fictional or not) skin! Oddly, it actually fits in perfectly!
  14. Ah yeah, I actually agree with LukeD to be honest. For some reason I had it in my head that ... He has older gen AMD > Just recommend the newer gen AMD, they'll be cheaper .. But looking at the prices for the decent Ryzen chips they're pretty expensive... Scratch what I said .. Grab a 6th gen intel processor, or the newer 7th gen if you have the budget. An i5-6600k is way better than what you have currenty, but I'd recommend a i7-6700k if you can. 6th gen is dropping is price because of the release of Kaby Lake, but Skylake is still really good, so you should be able to grab one for about half the price of a new Ryzen chip that'd have matching performance.
  15. LSPDFR is a pretty CPU intensive plugin to be running on top of a AAA game, so many things going on at once especially if you have lots of plugins, so I'd say upgrading your CPU would definitely be the most beneficial in this case However if you were going to do that I'd suggest considering investing a Ryzen chip and mobo over 'upgrading' to just another older gen AMD chip .. Better performance plus future proofing.