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  1. [WIP] Coastal Callouts

    May i please test the beta?
  2. Gta iv is not accepting mods

    I just redownloaded the game and it is the first time i have played in about two years. And thank you.
  3. Gta iv is not accepting mods

    How does one downgrade to patch 7?
  4. Common Police Callouts (Suggestion)

    I hear you loud and clear. I have the same problem with my ADHD.
  5. GTA 5 Crashing Completely

    Can someone please help me? LSPDFR and Rage keep on crashing my game. Somone help.
  6. I have successfully installed your packs, but the game keeps crashing when it loads, and I have downloaded the suggested gameconfig.xml's, what do I do?
  7. I just deleted the game and reinstalled everything.
  8. I know I should be a bit more friendly, but I just put so much time into modding it that I was pissed off it wasn't working and I fixed last night.
  9. Is anyone actually going to help me or what?
  10. President

    Pretty accurate.
  11. A fictional WIP

    do you know who mad the model?
  12. President

    You guys are all missing the point, Trump is now the president and we all have to accept that, whether it be Democrat or Republican. Let me tell you guys something; my grandfather is a really smart guy, everyone in St. James, New York knows him and they respect and admire his decisions. He is a Republican and even the Democrats in St. James agree with him. He wanted Trump to win from the get-go, which is saying something. However when Trump won, the Democrats in St. James were sad that Hillary lost, but they did not go around protesting and setting things on fire. What my grandfather did was not rub it in their faces, but he told them he was sorry and then he explained the benefits of a Trump presidency. So my point is, that we have things to gain from this election and we can not go around protesting, setting things ablaze, and saying that Trump is not our president because it is just outright childish and wrong. That's all I have to say and lets put politics aside and talk about Thanksgiving or Christmas or what happened when you were using LSPDFR. I agree completely!
  13. A fictional WIP

    why not the model its really great?
  14. A fictional WIP

    can you make this for gta v? and also it is a great model.

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