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  1. Australia is ded...
  2. Florida Highway Patrol EUP

    Great ped as usual could you do a Hellertown Borough Police next?
  3. Your best LSPDFR screenshots?

    Shit thats looking sexy
  4. Where is the VCFS?
  5. NSWPF Toyota Hilux

    I have a large ErEcTiOn
  6. If you guys have FB and want some good AusPol pic join this FB page
  7. SAPOL Ped

    FUCK my bad
  8. SAPOL Ped

    Version 0.01


    Just a quick Skin i made for Mooses NSW model Its not even 75% Accurate but i believe its the only one out there But hope you enjoy and give me Tips Cheers Jack.
  9. Your best LSPDFR screenshots?

    LSPD in Pursuit of a Mammoth
    Love it!!! What about Chicago? Keep up the Good work Cheers Jack.
  10. Boston Police Officer

    Love it can you do Palm bay next? keep up the good work
  11. Now i'm Hungry

    Looks great but why no Chicago updates???
  12. All Blue Lighting for different models

    would love to see this No ambers just all blue! thanks in advance