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  1. Sheriff Special Investigations Unit

    Looks like it could be cool. If the screenshots weren't so small....
  2. Christmas Tree 2013 Tahoe pack

    This is an absolutely ridiculous, perhaps even stupid, silly amount of lighting. BUT...that’s why I love it! Great job, hope to see a 2015-17 gen Tahoe Christmas tree some day!
  3. [ELS] 2016 Suburban Unmarked (Christmas Tree)

    Love this model and your attitude. Keep up the great work!
  4. CITY Checkpoint

    A Cool concept- not realistic, but as you said, It needn't be realistic, as it's in a game. I'd like to see a more random layout of police vehicles at the checkpoint in the future, (i.e: not all facing the same way) but other than that, looks pretty neat-o
  5. Federal Signal Quadraflare Pack

    I'll be using these on my command unit.
  6. Bearcat Secret service

    Looks much better!
  7. Bearcat Secret service

    Nice fix!
  8. [ADDON/REPLACE] [ELS] Police CVE Ford F-350

    WHY IS IT SO PURTY! Will update- please keep making this good stuff! I've only just put it in my game, (duh) but man does it look good so far! No bugs to report (yet :D )
  9. [ELS] 2015 Chevy Tahoe Slicktop/Unmarked

    Beautiful! Definitely an addition to my unmarked LSPD fleet! Keep up the great work!
  10. [ELS] WSP inspired San Andreas State Patrol pack

    Beautiful Pack! As a resident of WA state, I get the opportunity to see troopers at work all the time! I love this pack! Very high quality! Keep up the great stuff. I hope to see this include their old CVPI soon!
  11. Blaine County Sheriff K-9 Pack

    Just loaded up your models and felt obligated to write a quick review! Beautiful models! I love them! Keep up the great work! I'm working on setting the ELS config to have better patterns run by default.
  12. LSMPD 'Addon DLC' [Part one]

    I just installed a load of vehicles from your pack! Love them. If possible, you should use a different base model for the expedition though, as it's the only vehicle that's a little rough around the edges. Other than that, I love this pack, haven't seen many great rotor lights models until now!
  13. San Andreas Bay Area Pack

    Beautiful vehicles! I hope to see this pack expand a little in the future! Added bonus: The first 911EP Millennium I've seen on LCPDFR for a few years at least! Great work, keep it up!
  14. Los Santos County Sheriff's Office - 2015 Transit Police FPIU

    Well, I hope to see the pack released soon. Might I request the new marine unit livery being included? Currently, I just patch together my own extremely janky KCSO inspired skins. (The first one's supposed to be based on Woodinville, somewhat.) I've attached these photos so you feel inspired to save people from using such trash. :D Look forward to the release!
  15. Los Santos County Sheriff's Office - 2015 Transit Police FPIU

    Why hasn't this been released?

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