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  1. sexy beast

    This model was taken down, however a new and more accurate model will be released by the ObsidianGames team soon.
  2. Vespucci Beach Police Department Pack [ELS]

    British cars are better...
  3. Fuel Cap

    Ugly fuel cap...
  4. Coming Soon-Ish, sort of a bit™

    *vomit emoji*
  5. "*FHP"

    MVGA, NextGen shaders and some playing around with effects in R* editor.
  6. New York Police Department

  7. 2010 Volvo V70 British Transport Police ARV

    Brilliant work
  8. Premier Hazard 7109

    Were these converted from IV?
  9. 2011 Volvo V70 Merseyside Police RPU

    Excellent work as always!

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