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  1. I have yet another problem that needs to be resolved. I have recently made a scripts folder for some new mods I have downloaded (Single player apartments, bennys motorworks on single player, etc.) and every time I try to start the game with RAGE plugin hook, my game crashes. if I do not load it with rage then my game runs fine. Another thing I have recently started downloading is add-on vehicles, but I have installed the latest gameconfig for them. Something I HAVE noticed was that my game crashes when I try to install a NEW add-on vehicle (without RAGE being loaded), and when I spawn one of my previously installed add-on vehicles and drive it around for a bit, my game also crashes, which it did not do when I first installed my add-on vehicles. Can someone please help me with this difficult issue? Thank you.
  2. Info on Disabling Plugins?

    yes I suppose that would work, thank you for the suggestion
  3. As most of you may know, the latest update for script hook v is STILL not available, but I still want to play LSPDFR possibly WITHOUT plugins. My question is, how do you disable plugins? And will doing so damage any of my files or mess up my game directory? If I cannot disable plugins, how do I backup my game to the previous version? I am just getting impatient with AB software and I want to play LSPDFR. Thank you!
  4. Constant Game Memory Errors

    hey just wanted to let u know that everything is doing a lot better besides the once-in-a-while crash that happens, thank you for your help
  5. Constant Game Memory Errors

    ok sounds good. thank you for the help!
  6. Constant Game Memory Errors

    to be honest I cannot remember. I have small ideas on what it could be but I normally only go on lspdfr to make sure everything is up to date about every 3 weeks or every month. I barely ever actually play it but when I do it always crashes. I could try to put the mods I think might be the problem back to the backup files. any other suggestions?
  7. Constant Game Memory Errors

    I do use a mods folder, ill try that I did this and it seemed to work but changing the name of my mods folder made all of my vehicle mods go back to default. Is there something else I need to do?
  8. when I'm playing in game, my game will crash at random moments and a message will pop up explaining that there was a memory error. I have tried to start the game in different ways but I think it has something to do with something in the game directory. someone please help! thank you. (sorry I couldn't attach game directory, it kept getting blocked)
  9. Cannot Replace Script Hook V Files

    yes it is, thank you
  10. Cannot Replace Script Hook V Files

    pretty sure ive already tried to make an exception and it still wouldn't do anything nvm I just restarted my computer and it didn't need to have an administration confirmation or anything
  11. I downloaded the latest version of Script Hook V from their website and tried to replace the .dll files in the game directory, but I kept getting a message that reads "Destination access folder denied". At first I took this message lightly, thinking I could resolve it easily, but no matter what I do this message keeps showing up. I cannot replace these files, delete them, or do anything with them. This latest version of script hook v is required to launch the game via rage plugin hook, so I cannot play lspdfr until this is fixed, someone please help me! Thank You.
  12. When I go into open iv and go into mods, I only have "x64e.rpf" not, "x64" so I cannot get into the audio folder. There is, however, a "x64" file located in my "updates" folder, but it does not contain the Audio folder. PLEASE HELP!
  13. Constant Lag

    thanks for moving, did not realize
  14. Constant Lag

    Whenever I move the mouse to look around, my game starts to lag, not large spike lag, just noticeable lag that seems to slow down the frame rate. I noticed this after I updated all of my plugins and installed the unmarked "Nissan GTR". I also have to reload all plugins and then force duty when I first start my patrol or LSPDFR will crash. PLEASE HELP ME! You can take a look at my rage log if need be. RagePluginHook.log

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