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  1. Just to clarify, so models from other authors have the same issue or just this particular pack. Check page 2 of the comments for the templates, at the bottom.
  2. Lights worked fine for me and my beta testers. Do other models have the same problem or just these?
  3. [ELS] LSPD Vehicle Pack

    Yeah I didn't consolidate the emissives textures into one with this pack so they're kind of a mess. You've probably switched them all already, but you can also just import the all blue textures I have in the options folder all at once into the .ytd instead of replacing each one. Makes it a bit easier.
  4. Oh I thought you were saying the PD pack had different textures to the State Police pack. But yeah the BCSO cars have different textures cause the Justice's modules are pretty different. The Justice emmissive textures I used in the BCSO cars would look pretty dodgy on this pack or the LSPD one.
  5. Nope, I used the same textures
  6. @SoarHawk @HolyOrangeJuice Could you guys maybe reference a car that you like the look of the lights during the day so I could check it out? I've compared my lights to a few other vehicles with the same textures and they look pretty much the same in my game. And it's the same emissive textures and settings as my LSPD pack so they shouldn't be different. But I'll try editing the lightbar glass maybe it's a very tiny bit too opaque or something. Also HolyOrange I think the ELS pattern is 40 for what you're looking for. But that's only the solid patterns for siren tone 3. If you mean for when it does it on siren tone 1 you'll have to change the pattern from 84 to something else, because that's all part of one pattern. @Doug1637 Thanks man looks good with the all blues
  7. I'm not sure what you mean, the hi.ytd files are meant to be +hi.ytd. But could you maybe pm me your edited .ytd files with the textures you tried to change to? Maybe I could see what's going wrong. I'm not sure why it would be dim, might be a conflicting graphic mod or something? I dunno. You can edit the emissive textures to see if you can find something that works. Just look for 'emissives' in the .ytd, export it to make your edits. Same as above, you can try editting the emissive textures after exporting the 'emissives' files from the .ytd's and replacing it with an edited one. You could try making it a darker red to see if that helps, but it might make the lighter dimmer during the day. Sounds like ELS or the VCF files aren't installed correctly. Try reinstalling ELS and making sure the VCF files are located in GTAV > ELS > Pack_Default. Also as DudeMan said use the mod Radiance V
  8. Thank you. Fixed it.
  9. No, sorry. The lightbar itself is set up that way and therefore it can't be changed through the ELS settings.
  10. Version 1.0.1


    FILE INFO: Please read everything on this page before asking for support. This vehicle pack contains 9 vehicles. 5 patrol, 2 unmarked and 2 K9 vehicles, with the nForce light bars set up to emulate dual/tri color modules and floodlight takedowns. The patrol vehicles come with two different types of skins. White and black, and blue and copper. If you want a silver base like in my screens you'll have to use the trainer, or the default is white. The vehicle set ups are not based off anything, just the skins are based of the modern Arizona DPS design. The following vehicles are included: - 2014 Charger (Patrol) - 2016 FPIS (Patrol) - 2016 Charger (Patrol & Unmarked) - 2015 Tahoe (Patrol & K9) - 2013 FPIU (Patrol, Unmarked & K9) PLEASE NOTE - The pack is split into two parts due to upload size limits. - If you do not have extra police slots setup POLICE5 will not work in game. You can rename these files, or any of them to whatever slot you want. Just make sure your VCFs and vehicles.meta, mainly the handling lines, are correct (so you don't have SUV handling for a sedan or something). LIGHTING PREVIEW: CREDITS: KNOWN ISSUES: - There will be floating emissives/lights on certain vehicles when opening the trunk or when bumpers fall off. This is because due to the limited extras I can't attach every emissive to their respective parts without drastically changing the lighting setup. Personally I'd rather set up the lighting the way I wanted it and just live with the floating lights on the odd occasion I open my trunk with the lights on or obliterate my front end. Sorry if this bothers you. OTHER INFO/SUPPORT: ARE YOUR WINDOWS AND LIGHTBAR COMPLETELY BLACK!? Go into the vehicle.meta and find the 'diffusetint' line for the particular model (SHERIFF2, SHERIFF, POLICE, etc). Replace that value with <diffuseTint value="0x00FFFFFF" /> ... Or simply change the tint in game with a native trainer If you are changing the liveries YOU MUST change the textures in both the normal .ytd and the +hi.ytd ... if you just change it in one or the other the liveries will be different at different distances. If you don't like something about the lighting patterns, speeds, light stages or anything related to ELS chances are you can change it! ELS is extremely customizable. Check out the ELS documentation, please don't ask me. All the info you need is in there. Also please note the patterns are limited on these vehicles to achieve the dual color effect. If you notice a bug or mistake (which I most likely have made a few) please let me know, and I'll try to fix it in the next update. It could be an easy or quick fix. Please do not rate the file down for matters of complete opinion. E.g. 'I don't like lighting patterns 3/5'.
  11. twenty-fifteen

    Probably a week or two.
  12. twenty-fifteen

    Probably another week or two.
  13. [ELS] LSPD Vehicle Pack

    It will look normal in-game.