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  1. Blaine County Sheriff Pack

    nice pack bruh.. but my them tahoe wheels are the worst but that's my opinion Keep up the good work
  2. Blaine County Sheriff (OK, County Based)

    Thank you so much for always giving us top notch work
  3. Vespucci Police Concept

    and you did a white version also O damn i'm hype for this skin
  4. Vespucci Beach Police K9

    OMG i'm in love all over again with your work buddy..
  5. [ELS] 2013 Dodge Dart GT Unmarked

    Nice model bro, something different is always welcome over here
  6. [ELS] BCSO Mega Pack

    wow wow wow..Now there comes a time in a person life when they know something is wrong with there life...So with that being said..Why did you release this? I'm not going to write the full review of what i found cause it would be like putting credits in the description, That's how long the list is. the whole pack need to fixed, redone, and alot of TLC. Bro you have so many material missing and i don't understand how you missed that.Cause the same thing you seen that didn't look right we will see the same and more so I agree with T0ys review. And if you need pictures i can post them if need.. we have alot of cool modders in this community that would help you out but we can't read minds, so if you want help you might need to ask somebody cause this is not going to cut it. But all in all keep your head up you got this

    my pack is here http://www.gta-mod-center.com/forum/index.php?/files/file/767-lssd-mini-mega-pack/
  8. NV

    very nice bro
  9. San Andreas State Police (RI, SP Based)

    WooooW... know i have been waiting for you to do something like this. Your work is amazing and it up there with the best of the best..Keep Doing work brother.
  10. Yelp!!!!!!

    thanks so much buddy when i get done editing this lightbar to the right lighting we use i would send them to you... and thank you so much for everything
  11. W.I.P Models

    These models are a Work In Progress So Please be Kind in the comments
  12. BCSO ( Mustard )

    ..woooow now this is freaking sexy is hell right here. Damn you some amazing work bro, every skin you have made is hands down TOP NOTCH...100/100 stars for this and everything you do..Keep it up Buddy
  13. Ford F150 SAHP CVE

    Lets be real here, Model look good but yet the model is Half A** work. If you going to give the community a sexy model like this Good Dang please do it right. This model have the worst interior i've ever seen a day in my life, you should have took your time and edited that yourself since the person that converted it choose not to but i don't blame him for that, i blame you a little. The person that converted did the hard part for you, all you had to do is make that baby look that much better. 1. No Refection in any of the mirrors. (How to Fix that is: Find that material and make it a mesh. when you do that double click on that and make your first texture either black or chrome effect that's if you have it 2. front lower grill ions, first have no bracket in the back but that's not a big deal to me but it would be nice if you didn't just copy the top ions and bring them down and not have them curving with the grill. 3. that back tail light...omg that could use a little love too.. but i'm not going to go on and on about what wrong with this model. I know for a fact that you are a Damn good modeler and a texture artist, so i know on the next update all that and more will be fix cause you know what you are doing. keep up the good work I would have gave you the whole five stars but i had to do four due to those problems. 5 stars is for something that is completely finished from front to back.. Not just because somebody like the lighting..

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