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  1. Ready to hit Los Santos mean streets

    Nice job, but what about some alley lights behind the lightbar? Your Premier and Stanier Classic seem to be missing them as well.
  2. LSSD and LSPD

    Do you plan on using the wheels from GCT's lore-friendly Caprice/Impala once he releases it?
  3. Improved Police Transporter

    It's very nice to have a more stock appearance, but it now suffers the same probems as the regular Burritos, namely the small wheels and the weird body proportions. That isn't your fault though, R* is the one to blame. I always hoped someone like GCT would make an improved version of the Burrito.
  4. Is it on purpose that the Hunter/Apache featured in RDE is conflicting with the Hunter that R* recently added? At least for me the handling and weapons from the Hunter are messed up.
  5. Wasteland

    You should also take a look at this: http://footage.framepool.com/en/shot/394861817-taxi-los-angeles-city-traffic-driving-procedure; it's where the first picture is from.
  6. Wasteland

    I also have some pictures of 90s Caprice taxis if you want them
  7. Wasteland

    Do you still plan on adding some more liveries and rooftop ads?
  8. Back to the retro cars

    I think uniqueness can be a good thing. Especially if other vehicles have unique equipment as well. Of course you shouldn't go overboard with this by giving every car from an agency a completely different lightbar, pushbar and livery. In the end it's all a matter of taste though and it's up to 11john11 what he is going to do.
  9. Back to the retro cars

    The wheels looked fine in IV, so it will probably look fine in V as well. Not to mention it will provide some much needed variety to the vehicles.
  10. Back to the retro cars

    I still think you should really try to convert Thundersmacker's 9C1 rims for the Premier.
  11. Coming soon!

    Any plans of this being included in RDE too?
  12. Lundy's sick ass gta v mods

    That's a shame. Good quality civilian cars seem to be somewhat sparse for GTA V, so any addition is welcome. Even a simple setup like this without whitewall tires and a 2-tone paintjob is fine. And what about the Monaco and the Fury? Are you planning to only release police versions of them too?
  13. Lundy's sick ass gta v mods

    Do you also have a civilian version planned?
  14. The Dep-eu-tee

    Do you have pictures? I am only able to find some pictures of 1975 LASD Furies and not the 1978 you have here.

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