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  1. Can someone work with me to create a Navajo Nation Police vehicle pack? There's one for GTA IV (A Silverado), but I need it converted to GTA V. I can create the skins if necessary, but I need the template. I already have a Slicktop 2013 Tahoe, a 2016 Tahoe with Valor, and a Tahoe with a Legend Lightbar. I need someone to create a Impala, a Silverado, and a 2006 Tahoe (If possible). I am hoping to make these ELS Enabled. Then later convert this pack in to a Los Santos Police Department pack, Blaine County Police pack, or a San Andreas State Police pack. Input and close relationship to the author is appreciated. Thank you if you have read my post and want to make this happen. If you know the font for the Navajo Nation POLICE logo, please let me know so I can expand it to different areas, such as Blaine County Sheriff, San Andreas Highway Patrol, or liveries for departments
  2. Could be a little more accurate. The FPD CVPI's have white above the back wheel and behind the rear passenger seat
  3. Farmington, NM Chevy 2500 Silverado SRT Skin

    Do you live in Farmington?
  4. LSPD Pack [ELS]

    It appears to me that you’ve taken a lot of inspiration from the Navajo Nation’s Police fleet. The POLICE text and the stripes look awfully farmiliar to it.
  5. Navajo Police

    Navajo Police skin and EUP Uniform I created.
  6. Thanks for the feedback! This is my first time making skins, and I want them to be as close as possible, that’s why I used the LSPMD pack so they have a rotating light bar. I also couldn’t find any specific vehicles that came close. So, I made do with what I had.
  7. Version 1.0.0


    This is my first pack, and feedback is appreciated. These are based off the game Need for Speed:Most Wanted (2005). Designed to work with the Los Santos Metropolitan Police Pack by RobertTM and his crew.
  8. Black&White Template Pack

    Great Templates! I just wish you would include basic downloaded vehicles (FPIU, FPIS, etc.) but other than that, GREAT!
  9. Police 4 Handling Line

    Where is the handling line for POLICE4? I’m trying to replace it.
  10. NICE! Thanks a lot! I wish they were for GTA V too, but I can still use them
  11. All plugins not working

    I got them to work, thanks anyway
  12. What are all the extensions for this? Such as more buttons?
  13. I have LSPDFR and EUP, they work, but all the extras inside the LSPDFR folder don't work (LSPDFR+, PoliceSmartRadio, etc...)
  14. Los Santos Metro PD ped pack!

    How to install for OpenIV?

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