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  1. Personally I'd prefer an RPF to an installer. If a lot of it is going to be common across each state, maybe two RPF's - one for the common files, and a smaller one for the state-specific, that way you're not duplicating the 4+gigs for each state/territory.
    Best car when you need to move a bunch of sheep in a hurry.
  2. Indiana State Police Style 2015 Mustang GT

    Gorgeous car, love it!
  3. How Many Developers on Average Work on a Mod?

    Most plugins are solo projects, although we quite often bounce ideas off each other or help each other out with troublesome code/logic.
  4. At the moment it has limited functionality, you can command it to inspect a vehicle for drugs/explosives (requires Search Warrant), he should auto-chase any peds in a pursuit who are fleeing on foot, and auto-attack any peds trying to attack you. Still trying to work out an intuitive way to issue something like a chase/attack order on a particular ped.
  5. Most likely you need the latest version of my common https://www.darkmyre.net/files/file/24-darkapi/ If that doesnt fix it, shoot me a log file and I can take a look :)
  6. At least it doesn't fall through the road :D
  7. LSPDFR: Australia by Darkmyre Gaming

    On today's LSPDFR Australia livestream, we hit 6K subscribers LIVE!
  8. RadioRealism™ AlphaV1

    I'm writing this as someone who generally really couldn't care less what the audio tones sound like, I play for enjoyment rather than absolute realism. That being said, I would never go back to not using this plugin after having used it. The tones are so much crisper and clearer and higher quality, you'd think that they were meant to be part of the game and the default game audio was the community mod. An absolute must-have for sure.

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