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  1. Ohhh nooo, this is so weird who on earth had the idea to do this?
  2. Unmarked 2009 Dodge Charger

    The model is nice, added it into my game, Will use it for some LSPS escorts or Federal jobs. Nice job! Keep going
  3. [ELS] 2010 Donut Charger

    Thats LSPD's secret weapon against the gangs in Davis, "You stop at the lights and ur weels ar off" commented S_M_Y_COP_01 about this incident. So why not make donut wheels and distract the gangstas? Nice model, Fun! P.S. Added it as PoliceD into my game)
  4. Oh, that is very sad I personally hate the default vehicles in GTA 5 but thats compleely my opinion) So good luck with your pack
  5. OMG, please make the pack! It will probavly be a hit as it is very unusual and we had nothing like it before)
  6. [REQ]NEVADA DPS, RENO Police, LVMPD car pack

    Well, you can play with the LS metro pack which is LVMPD styled I'm very busy with studies right now so I'm not going to re-texture it for the community even though I could :(
  7. Yeah I know, so sad the community of some countries in LCPDFR is very small, for example I'm from Russia and people genuinely hate cops here and can't speak english either (LOL) so no one makes anything :(
  8. On standby (again...)

    Yeah, Its so sad there are practically no cars with it. Always these plain flat lightbars, simple. But the vector OMG! #Vectoroneluv
  9. On standby (again...)

    Hahah, Rhetorical question lol) Love the vector)
  10. On standby (again...)

    Wow, nice models. Planning on release any time soon?
  11. Rancho Division

    I dunno, I checked with Lozano and he is in hospital right now so he can not work on it, he plans to release a new version of the mod by chirstmas though)
  12. Is it? I saw a video of the last crown vic coming off the conveyer and that was 2013)
  13. Rancho Division

    I know one exists but it is not compatible with 1180 only 1103 the developer is my friend so I get updates from him from time to time
  14. Rancho Division

    Cool, I wish I could play with a full on Retro pack)

    Hi, is there any way for me to make one of the lights steady burn? Because I need a Ventura County Sheriff car which needs a steady burn according to CA law