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  1. (ELS) Lifted Jeep Wrangler Rubicon

    Great mod! Beautiful, works great, ELS are good. The rear ems lights might be a bit brighter, but 5/5 overall! :) Here's my video:
  2. Ford F150 SAHP CVE

    Very nice. Interrior is a bit messy, but I know it'll be better later :) Here's my video:
  3. 2014 Dodge Ram San Andreas Park Ranger Texture

    Very good! I made a video with it.
  4. 1999 Ford F-450 Super Duty Sheriff Rescue

    Amazing work. Looks good, feels good and the ELS lights are perfect. Here's my presentation episode:
  5. ELS enabled Caprice PPV

    Very good. The Visual V -lights are not so bright, but very good model anyway. Here's my showcase video.
  6. 2017 Ford F150 Raptor ELS Compatible

    Awesome. A bit blurry dashboard, but nice and very well working piece of art.
  7. US Coast Guard Skin For 2017 F-150 Raptor

    Very good texture. I made an episode with that.
  8. Unmarked 2017 CamaroCat ZL1

    Awesome is the word that describes this at the best. Super good work! I would fine tune the light glow with the window bars a bit, but otherwise 5/5. Here's my showcase:
    Not working. I installed this two times in two different GTA V folders, and it won't start by pressing F7.
  9. I have the same issue. :D
  10. I installed this just like told in instructions, but can't get it work at all. F7 is doing nothing! What's wrong?
  11. Emergency Lighting System

    Absolutely brilliant. Works nice, easy to install, amazingly perfect PDF guide! :O Works nicely with RoboCop also:
    Great, basic mod. Good work. Here's the car in heavy use:
  12. 1997 Ford Crown Victoria - LAPD Unmarked

    Great and iconic car! Good model, but there are some bumpy polygons near the hood and in back also. Otherwise the car works nicely and really makes me feel like in Lethal Weapon 4. Here's my Buddy Cop Detective video with it:
  13. 2015 ford f150 parkranger!!!!

    Very good looking. Good options. Few bugs, but when ready, it will be awesome. Here's my video:

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