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  1. Does anyone know what happend to Bxbugs 2006 Tahoe??

    I was wondering the same thing, I think he decided not to release it because he took down the thread about it.
  2. BCSD Pack .1A

    I have the same issue, is the lightbar tinted for you as well as the handling being screwed up?
  3. BCSD Pack .1A

    I Like it... I like it a lot!
  4. [ELS] Chicago Police Pack

    lol yeah... so then maybe shootings went down?
  5. [ELS] Chicago Police Pack

    Breaking news: GTA 5 officer involved shootings just increased by 9999999%!
  6. West Coast Wookie's A1 Art

    My art that is the bestest ever
  7. red

    Did you make this model, also the skin looks amazing
  8. vignyetti

    sniff,sniff... I sense @Lundy coming over the horizon. :) looks amazing btw
  9. debating on releasing this

    Please do :)
  10. Version (FINAL RELEASE)


    This is my Los Santos Sheriff's department helicopter texture that is based off of the San Diego Sheriff's department's paint scheme for all the helicopters in its air unit also know as ASTREA (Aerial Support To Regional Enforcement Agencies). THIS TEXTURE IS NOT TO BE REDISTRIBUTED. YOU ARE NOT TO USE THIS TEXTURE FOR A CLAN OR SERVER. YOU MAY USE THIS TEXTURE FOR PERSONAL USE ONLY.
  11. [HELP] Editing vehicles extras via vehicles.meta

    So I tried this and it didn't work could you possibly send me a meta that is working?
  12. Hi all I am currently working on a FiveM server and am trying to add in @Bxbugs123cars, as you probably know they have tons of extras on them. We want to be able to control the extras that spawn on the car but on our server we are not using trainers so we are trying to do it via the vehicles.meta. Can someone tell me what line to put into the meta so that I can have certain extras spawn, and certain extras not spawn? Thanks in advance
  13. Hi Not sure if you will be able to help me but I play on a FiveM server that uses this vehicle pack and the lights for all the cars are messed up as seen in these screenshots: I have a feeling it has to do with the carcols but when I install it both in FiveM and GTA 5 directory it doesn't work. When I install the vehicles.meta into those directories it doesn't work, It breaks the texture files for vanilla cars too. I have tried reinstalling FiveM multiple times, I have tried reinstalling GTA 5 Multiple times, I have even gone as far as to reinstall Windows 10 to a fresh copy, and it STILL has not worked. I Would appreciate all help greatly. thanks
  14. Ohhhhhhhh Yeeeaaah

    I dig this, never really been a fan of Massachusetts State police but this looks awesome!
  15. Ultimate Met Police Peds 2017

    These are amazing! you should make a re-textured version for american police peds

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