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  1. Yes the Updates are Coming

    Can you include the all red lights as well lol
  2. Is there an active gameconfig that works for RDE or do i have to wait until its updated because i keep crashing
  3. WIP F450 Ambulance - Boston EMS

    Looking really good but it looks like the material on the front wheel is a little off, other thank that its a Bust E Nut
  4. Newark's Finest

    From the album B.E.N Certified Pics

    Small Newark Police Pack Done By Myself https://imgur.com/a/r9On4
  5. New Jersey State Police CVPI #1

    Rambar is not accurate, most of the NJSP cars have the other rambar. Idk if you were trying to be accurate im just saying https://www.flickr.com/photos/91402685@N07/8744695368/in/photolist-ejJRgN-7iNaMV-fgfYMs-5vCjVU-26TnqU-9uStNr-9Fwhv9-8XwUyQ-4NHHkM-akecuw-6eBMQo-awNixo-awNiyy-bDUQVb-aEk6zX-732otj-vqk4x-6RbjGD-6NEuAk-TLtcKw-4Gn7ME-rvur7e-5dtuF7-TXXbYW-ng44DB-eLBEQ3-ng4ic1-5GDtVK-c55j9E-sjSx3m-an2yVm-N1ipo-22Cht4-31oMtv-63JKsr-o1dnCQ-gLy3HJ-4jiAgK-Hxjz2z-9JZpS9-nEiw8u-6Lc9kN-bCHQ2H-bB3QYv-4NMXh7-d2X2D1-7iRVtY-ng4j4E-eLBwF7-nxyYZs
  6. Da f1fiddy

  7. u

    So are you ever going to release this?
  8. SA DOT

    From the album B.E.N Certified Pics

    Vehicle Done by Myself Skin Done By Pricefield
  9. butwait

    Really Bro Come On (Still Bust E Nut Approved )
  10. SA DOT

  11. B.E.N Certified Pics

  12. Where the West Begins

  13. LSFD Squad Goals

    Damn Son Bust E Nut Approved
  14. ELS Lights Are Faded All The Time

    Fixed it guys thanks
  15. ELS Lights Are Faded All The Time

    So i was playing my GTA one night and everything was fine and dandy, lights where bright af. So i stopped playing and didnt touch anything GTA wise at all. but when i started the game the next morning then all my lights on every car where faded like there was no more Visualsettings. I checked the visualsettings and everything is good there 4000 during the day and 3000 at night still faded. Post FX on ultra still faded, Post FX on High still faded. No matter what ENB i put in or what visualsettings i use the lights are still faded. I also did a fresh install and the lights are still faded. So can some help me fix this weird as problem i am having thanks in advance.
  16. Silver Bullet

  17. Silver Bullet

    From the album B.E.N Certified Pics

  18. Silver Bullet

    Thanks Bro
  19. Elizabeth PD's 2017 FPIU

    Sure do lol thanks
  20. staffflag

    looking good
  21. SAHP

    Like everyone else said that is a freedom and the picture you linked makes the lightbar look bigger than it actually is because its a up close picture......
  22. [ELS] [ADDED FPIS] LSPD Sedan Pack!

    Bust E Nut Approved
  23. Newark's Finest

    ok bob

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