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  1. drussjnr99 liked a post in a topic by ineseri in Precinct crash on enter   
    Are you sure all modded peds are removed? The official stance on this is: Use the original models or prevent entering the PD by using ALT+P to go on duty and type "forceduty" in the console. Default peds can be found here:  title="">http://www.lcpdfr.co...-latest-update/
  2. drussjnr99 liked a post in a topic by ineseri in Precinct crash on enter   
    Do you have modded peds? 
  3. drussjnr99 liked a post in a topic by Harper in Really, 13 year old died Because....   
    From what I understand, the kid refused to drop the weapon after multiple requests from deputies although it is common sense to drop whatever firearm you are carrying, even if its an imitation and raise your hands to show the officers that you aren't attempting to put their lives in danger through your actions.
    If I was playing paintball with some friends in a wooded area and some cops come roaring up to us, first thing I'd do is drop the guns to show I mean no malicious intent with them, no matter how real or fake they look.

    The gun looks exactly like an AK-47. It looks like he removed the orange tips that are required on airsoft guns so until someone gets close and looks at it, they wouldn't know it was a fake gun.
    Most of you may well jump onto the "Well, the police shouldn't shoot first and ask questions later" bandwagon but please try to put yourselves in the shoes of the officer as he arrived on scene, he has no further details other than someone with a possible automatic firearm and has no idea whether its loaded or not. Whats even more concerning is that they asked him multiple times to put it down but he seemingly refused.
    Now, with those facts in mind, if you were the officer and you had to make a split second decision whether to ask him a final time and possibly die or eliminate the threat as quickly and safely as possible?
    Please don't take this as literal evidence to shoot a child, I've only just heard of this and I'm reading into it. Will update my post accordingly
  4. Darkangel liked a post in a topic by drussjnr99 in Favorite Police Department??????   
    my wacky top 3:
    disney security-
    Harris county sheriffs office-
    Indonesian police :D - 

    Before you guys go " Disney security, they no police force" Well your WRONG. I have seen them arrest someone at a pool i work at also there is this video in youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mfooeV1SlRk
  5. Jetski343 liked a post in a topic by drussjnr99 in non-emergency call's   
    hi guys, 
    i was playing around and i have noticed that there are no non emergency calls from what i can tell. 
    as in a real city no every police call is an emergency, I reckon if you could just make like a mod which contains some non- emergency calls that would be great. 
    PLEASE post below what you think 
  6. drussjnr99 liked a post in a topic by BlackTiger in drug task force   
    TIP: Use ALT + 11 and you might get a intresting call, if not, deny it and do it once again.
    That's what I do to get "shots" fired calls.
  7. drussjnr99 liked a post in a topic by drdetroit in drug task force   


    Yea, get Braveheart script for sure...if 2.2 crashes your game use 2.1.  Also, the new ALPR mod is fantastic!  No issue that I've seen or experienced...and it will give you new criminals to pursue, apprehend and shoot.
    Alot goes on in LC all by itself as well.  I had an incident where I pulled a guy over (ALPR...plate tagged as Wanted For Warrant), pulled the gal over and she goes and hits a bum crossing the street.  The bum gets up, pulls the chick out of the car before I could get out of my car and he starts kicking the crap outta her.  Two arrests for one...that was a good night.  I see some crazy shit all the time in LC that are not call-outs.  Pretty cool stuff...love it.  Watch out for drivers with Mini-Uzis, they will get ya if your not alert.
    Good day,

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