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  1. Cops TV show loading music

    What i love is the fact the first music is Police Squad from Police squad and naked gun :) love those movies and shows :)
  2. Precinct crash on enter

    thanks, i did a full re install of gta and downloaded, did a manual install havent touched it apart from els and the cars and works perfectly, thanks for you help.
  3. LCPDFR 1.0 - Not there? ALT + P Doesn't work?

    So, what we are getting is that the auto install isnt working that great. I auto'd it first time then uninstall then manual. all i have left now to fix is the PD which i am doing right now.
  4. Precinct crash on enter

    I'll have a look again. I'll redo them all when i get some more time.
  5. Precinct crash on enter

    as a matter of fact I do, not civis but cops. should i get rid of them? yeah.... I had a quick look else where and it seems to be a problem to some people and not for others. so i have replaced the models and about to test to see if it had work or if it hasn't. nope still dont work..... do I need to do every one... i have modified the ones that you get given when you download the default ped pack on here to fix the problem. still no..... dont know whats up with it Log started on: today ------------------------ [iNFO - 20:47:34] Gameversion - [iNFO - 20:47:34] XLiveLess present - skipping xlive changes [iNFO - 20:47:34] AdvancedHook 0.28 © 2010-2013 LMS - Initialized [iNFO - 20:47:34] Permission granted for LCPDFR only [iNFO - 20:47:34] Thanks to listener, aru and #iv-modding [iNFO - 20:47:34] Attaching exception handler... [iNFO - 20:47:34] Exception handler attached [iNFO - 20:47:34] Patching game functions... [iNFO - 20:48:13] An exception occured [iNFO - 20:48:13] Process: BB0000 Address: 754A4B32 () Code: E0434352 Registerdump - EAX: 68F5EDE8 EBP: 68F5EE40 EBX: 5 ECX: 5 EDI: 1 EDX: 0 EIP: 754A4B32 ESI: 68F5EEB0 ESP: 68F5EDE8 and another..... Log started on: today ------------------------ [iNFO - 20:46:55] Gameversion - [iNFO - 20:46:55] AdvancedHookInit 0.3 © 2013 LMS - Initialized [iNFO - 20:46:55] Attaching hooks... [iNFO - 20:46:55] CPools::InstallHooks: Hooking CPool__Initialize [iNFO - 20:46:55] CPools::InstallHooks: Hooking CPedFactory [iNFO - 20:46:55] XLiveLess present - skipping xlive changes [iNFO - 20:46:55] Disabling network connection check [iNFO - 20:46:55] Spawning patcher thread [iNFO - 20:46:55] Patching files [iNFO - 20:47:0] Disabling loading screens [iNFO - 20:47:1] Increasing size of "PtrNode Single" pool from 8 to 10 [iNFO - 20:47:1] Increasing size of "PtrNode Double" pool from 16 to 20 [iNFO - 20:47:1] Increasing size of "Building" pool from 112 to 132 [iNFO - 20:47:1] CPool__Initialize: Size: 132 - Name: Building - EntrySize: 32000
  6. Precinct crash on enter

    Hey guys, so i decided to install 1.0 and everything was working until i tried to enter the precinct. it started to load then crash out of the game. I dont have any of those bug files thing's. I am just wondering is it just me or do you crash on entering there or have you solved it and how? thanks ill upload my bug stuff if i can.
  7. you have to think though that the cop has adrenaline pumping though him ..... to him it is a life or death situation because to him thats a real assault rifle. He gave him chances to put it down he didint. they had no choice. because are we now going to allow kids to rob banks with guns and not shoot them because there kids? and it also is a very powerful lesson to 10 year old boys that all airsoft/paintball guns should be treated like real firearms. When i play airsoft i carry all the paper work and carry it in a locked gun case just in case the cops pull me over.
  8. Any FSX players on LCPDFR?

    I play, I am currently flying for qantas virtual. http://qantasvirtual.com i have the pmdg 737ngx, orbx Australia sp4, Rex with overdrive and Airbus x
  9. UK Police Patrols

    hi great work, but i couldn't help noticing the lights. they were very dull and i have the same issue too. is there anything i can do to stop this from happening?
  10. Arrest Suggestion

    Really good idea but they aint going to do a felony arrest for someone doing something small. Becasue the way your putting it is that the are commanded to do stuff if they had done a felony...... http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TRVTqWSXiBc Plus it would be huge amount of script.
  11. Remove/Fix Domestic in Ped-Broken Building

    i don't have that problem at all, i have the base gta 4 game and i have been playing for a while, is it the one near the building on the 2 mission because i wait till they come out then i taze the offender and arrest him/her outside the building.
  12. My ideas!

    Some good ideas some not, Bank Robberies would be hard because there are no banks in GTA 4 that you can go in in (apart from in a mission) , Scale traffic can be done using Traffic flow by Sam you can use the ini file to change how much or how little traffic you want. dead people.... thats more of a Medical Examination mod but a good idea.You can see where this is going however they are good ideas just with lots of difficult barriers to over come. See if you could get someone like abraxas or someone else who have made mods that use this kind of thing.
  13. Well when your chasing drug smugglers and in a riot then they bring out guns and other stuff, and also they caught that English woman smuggling in drugs and she was sentenced to life. great policing
  14. my wacky top 3: disney security- Harris county sheriffs office- Indonesian police :D - Before you guys go " Disney security, they no police force" Well your WRONG. I have seen them arrest someone at a pool i work at also there is this video in youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mfooeV1SlRk
  15. Mr Tasty Surveillance Truck

    Great for vdh Policehelper bait car!