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  1. Siren Identification

    Yeh, I took a look about a bit more. I think its closest to the Premier Hazard 7009. Thanks!
  2. Siren Identification

    Hello all, I'm looking for some help with finding the name of this siren, I have a few videos of it, But I cannot find a name. The siren is used on most Avon and Somerset Response cars. The siren also appears on various British Transport Police vehicles. In the comments of one video, someone suggested the siren was a Premier Hazard 7004. However, the sirens are different. A final example of the siren was one made for GTA IV by BritishGamer88. If anyone does know the name of the siren, I would be very grateful if you could share it with me. Thanks guys!
  3. Area Search

    Its the K-9 from HEROCOP. Great mod, Just a shame there are no Alsatians's in GTA V. I guess an overly aggressive Border Collie will have to do.
  4. British Policing

  5. VisualV + Project Realism ENB

    Yeh, I think I will ditch ENB soon.
  6. Game Settings 17/1

  7. Blaine County Sheriff

  8. Loving the new jail cell feature in 0.3!

    Ah, alright. Thanks!
  9. Loving the new jail cell feature in 0.3!

    Awesome image, pretty prompt too! What do you use to capture your images?
  10. London Fire Sirens

    Ah, I understand, Thanks.
  11. London Fire Sirens

    Hello all, While looking into the LFB, I have noticed that older pumps use the Woodway 3 Commander siren, while newer appliances use a newer siren, So first off, does anyone know that this siren is? - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hjW2ijBgsfs Secondly, does anyone know if anyone had made the siren in the video, or the Woodway 3 Commander? I have looked around and only found 1 low quality Woodway, with wind in the background. Thanks
  12. LFB Mobilisation Bell

    Hello all, Does anyone know where I can get a good clip of the London Fire Brigade Mobilisation bell (Turnout Tones)? Thanks Rusti
  13. Polis Font

    Do not worry all, I found a font thats close enough. It is named "Sweden Sans" Available here http://sweden.identitytool.com/filarkiv/
  14. Polis Font

    Hello, Can anyone tell me what font is used on this Swedish police T shirt??
  15. Bring back the Crown Victoria!

    You know, Why dont you think about it, I am not sure what cars were around before the CVPI but we got used to having the crown vic after them, So why cant we get used to the Taurus/Chargers Etc? For all we know in 10 years we will be having petitions for those cars.