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  1. LSPDFR 0.4 - Announcement + First Preview

    Fantastic and tantalizing. Thanks for all you guys have done, are doing and think of doing. Awesome experiences yet to come!
  2. Like that you were able to "paint" the rescue body. The Brush Truck, which utilizes a similar build, has (to my knowledge) an unpaintable body, only the cab gets paint...though I may be wrong. Great job!
  3. LSPDFR+ ADD-ON (Public Offences)

    Thank you sir :) always great work!
  4. LSPDFR+ ADD-ON (Public Offences)

    Downloader must be messed up, won't d/l from LSPDFR right now.
  5. 1999 Ford F-450 Super Duty Sheriff Rescue

    That would be awesome, it's very close to what you made already, but that one is, perhaps, based on an actual unit for the bomb squad. Not too sure where the work came from.
  6. 1999 Ford F-450 Super Duty Sheriff Rescue

    Awesome job. I was wondering when something like this would be made, and you have gotten the ball rolling.
  7. 4K Paleto Bay Police [Mini-Pack]

    Awesome skin pack, great textures, not a normal, good mixture of colors. Really like it! Thanks for the efforts!!!
  8. TE - 3 (9720) Bomb Squad

    Good texture, is very close to the Boston Bomb Squad's rigs in appearance. EOD since 1985 USMC and attended the FBI Hazardous Devices School in 95, had two members of Boston's Bomb Squad in that course. Keep up the great work.
    Very awesome, very creative, excellent work. Thanks for sharing!!!
  9. [ELS] LSFD Battalion Chief Tahoe

    Great model Allen. The Readme shows up as a link that can't be linked, though listed as text file is set up as a shortcut. Thanks for your continuing mods, I love 'em.
  10. Mini-LSPD Livery Pack (based off of Chesterfield, MO)

    Thanks for putting it in a Package, really appreciate it, great work to enjoy!
  11. Mini-LSPD Livery Pack (based off of Chesterfield, MO)

    Really sharp rendition of it. Thanks for the hard work. Would be easier on us if you could package all the files into a zip/7zip or RAR though. :)
  12. 1989 Chevrolet Caprice LASD

    Such a great work, drove a couple of these in my day, on the East Coast not for LASD, what an awesome job, looks like you tried to recreate the Federal Signal Jet Stream lightbar, similar to the Jet sonic without the siren located in the center, excellent rendering sir!!! GREAT WORK, you and Lundy really capturing the cars of that period well.
    Outstanding, my favorite colors and you found a new way to do them, very realistic and very snazzy! Great job
  13. Rumbler Siren (Siren Mastery/8 Tones)

    SIMPLY AWESOME, thanks so much.

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