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    A big thank you for all of your work and contributions to our community.

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Frequently Asked Questions
Before messaging me, please take your time to read this. If your question is answered here, please don't contact me, as I likely won't reply.
Can I get permission to edit/upload/show one of your mods?
You don't need permission to do anything concerning my mods. Follow the terms given (e.g. correct credits and link to the original download) and everything is fine.
Please note that this does not apply to other authors' work included in my mods, you might still need their permission for example to upload or edit a skin.
The terms for my modifications uploaded before 2014 used to be more restrictive. Although their readme files and description might not have been updated, the following terms apply for them:
You may replace or edit textures and redistribute modified variants of as long as correct credits and a link to the original download are provided. You may not circumvent any protecting measures to edit models or use any of the work for your own financial gain.

When is this specific WIP done?
I usually have no idea myself. It takes time I don't always have, nor am I always interested in working on specific mods. As soon as they are completed, they will be released publicly.

Do you do mod requests?
No, I don't. Try your luck in the Suggestions and Requests category. If it's really an interesting and achievable idea, it's likely to find somebody.

Could you give me a certain model unlocked?
Most likely, no. If I'm going to release models unlocked, I'll do that publicly, no matter whether people ask me or not. If I do not release it publicly, messaging me in private is usually not going to change that.

I need help with my game, with modding or have other support requests.
Please try to use the GTA IV Support, Development Support or LCPDFR Support categories in the forums before trying to message me. Many questions have been answered there already, you can likely find help by just searching through the forums.

Do you want to join our clan or play Multiplayer with me?
No, I don't play Multiplayer at all.

I have a question concerning one of your mods or found an issue.
In that case, feel free to message me and provide as much information as possible, such as a link to the download. Please note that suggestions however can usually not be fulfilled.