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  1. NOOSE air support not shooting

    Yep, only thing i noticed is that they might shoot once or twice then go back to aiming at the enemies.
  2. Wrong driver model in patrolling vehicle

    I got it, but it only spawned one vehicle. How can i increase the number of patrolling vehicles? unless it's done periodically
  3. Wrong driver model in patrolling vehicle

    Found it! one of the cars had a s_m_y_cop_01 model, changed it now :D Is there a way where I can increase the number of patrol units? Paleto Bay doesn't seem to have enough cop car patrols.
  4. I noticed that some of the patrolling sheriff cars in Blaine County have the LSPD cop driving them. Is there a way I could change that? I checked the dispatch.meta file and all the sheriff vehicles were assigned sheriffs, so I have no idea what's wrong. Backup works fine, the models and vehicles spawn correctly.
  5. Hey guys, i've been trying to get the NOOSE air gunners to shoot from the side but they aren't. Sometimes they aim their guns and just look at the enemy. Anyone know what's going on? Edit: forgot to mention i use custom backup, in case that helps.
  6. Custom Backup

    I see, thanks anyways! I really appreciate your help :D
  7. Custom Backup

    Awesome i managed to get it to work! They only shoot one bullet from their carbines though, was wondering if it would be possible to make them shoot it in full auto or something like that, because atm they only shoot once and then aim in and shoot once etc etc
  8. Custom Backup

    Thanks for the fast reply, what line should i add it after?
  9. Custom Backup

    I can't seem to find anything related to Weapons under local air =O Only thing i see related to local air is:
  10. Custom Backup

    Awesome mod! Will it be possible to choose weapons for local air units? Having a swat team with carbines on the side of the helicopter as an example.
  11. You guys did a great job as always! Quick question, will it be possible to add/remove/edit backup npc's weapons?
  12. Hey peeps, Was just wondering if it was possible to choose/change weapons of the backup we're getting since i can't find anything linked to that in the backup.xml :/ e.g Local air support using carbines.
  13. Managed to fix the issue by reinstalling the game again.
  14. Realism Dispatch Enhanced

    It works!!! You guys are absolutely amazing :D
  15. Realism Dispatch Enhanced

    Thanks for the fast replies! Sadly the mod still doesn't work (Game crashes on loading screen but i know that's due to the dlclist.xml) I'll have try to retype the dlclist.xml lines again and mess around with it to get it to work, thanks for all of your help so far!

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