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  1. ScriptHook Replacement

    Yes I found that weird too, I figured the trainer required that ini file also.
  2. ScriptHook Replacement

    The scripthook in this mod worked for me, So if you really need scripthook download and use the one from that mod. https://www.gta5-mods.com/scripts/menyoo-pc-sp
  3. lspdfr continues to crash when going on duty

    Try take out all your lspdfr plugin mod and put them back one by one. You will find which callout or mod crashes your lspdfr while going on duty. You can load your game and go back into windows to add the mods one by one in your lspdfr folder without actually exiting GTA V. just reload lspdfr everytime you add a callout or mod to see. That helped me find what crashes my game when going on duty.
  4. Is anyone having issue with the court system? the court system still don`t work for me, Even when i try use it without Computer+ installed. Anyone with an answer please reply me.
  5. LSPDFR Computer+

    I had that issue too with have to fill the ticket form manually, I reinstalled computer+ and that fixed my issue,
  6. Using policeold1 & 2 slots

    No, You dont need any other file, If the vehicle is an ELS vehicle, just install the file in x64e file and patchday3.
  7. LSPDFR Computer+

    Oh that is weird, They always work together but i will try again without loading computer+. Thanks you. I should upload which file my lspdfr+ or my computer+? ComputerPlus.ini LSPDFR+.ini
  8. Question about felony in LSPDFR+ plugin

    You can edit the XML file to add your own words. like the Americans file in lspdfr+. I would have sent you mine but i dont have access to my computer. Or maybe @Daszkalti can send you his.
  9. LSPDFR Computer+

    @Albo1125 Am not sure what my issue is, But for some reason the court system is not working for me. After i issue a citation with court date, I dont see any pending court date. Please advise If you know what my problem might be. But everything else works just fine.
  10. Question about felony in LSPDFR+ plugin

    Right i don`t think anyone should be arrested or charge with a felony for driving a wack car they don`t have money to fix. LOL
  11. I need help

    Use RagePluginHook to reserve your game version from your back if you made one.
  12. cars disappear

    Yea i had that issue too, But im not sure how i fixed mine, I know when i try to pull a bike or car over it disappear, Its prob the Vehicle.meta. Copy the default one to your mods folder and see if that fix your issue.
  13. Mod help

    Yes Asuna is right, But you can use RagePluginHook to reserve your game version to the 0.51, I did that, so i still use the scripthook V everything else work fine with the older version. If only you made back up with RagepluginHook.
  14. Mod help

    Read!!! The Requirement for the callouts and mod you download.