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  1. The Classic CHP

    YES !!!!! Great models mate really can’t wait for these well done bro !
  2. Hi guys can anyone help me create lights for a street hawk lightbar as it has front and rear sidelights and rear oranges as well as the rotating lights and centre white rotator I am new to zmodeler and any help is massively appreciated .
  3. Cheeeeeese!

    Hey Izick sorry to be that annoying guy but any progress on these baby’s 👍
  4. Screenshot - 7_23_2017 , 10_16_46 PM.png

    Are you still working on these amazing models ?
  5. Rancho Blues

    Amazing cars will these be released ? 👍
  6. 1992 Chevy Camaro RS CHP & 1991 Chevy Caprice 9C1 LASD

    YESSSS wow that caprice ! Enuf said ! 👍
  7. 2006 Sheriff FCV

    Please tell me these will still be released I check every week for this model 🚨great work bud
  8. LSPS Responding

    Great picture! I need this car
  9. TPS Pair of Vics

    Are these available for download?
  10. Northern County

    Will this be released ? Great work
  11. Jedahdiah's Vehicle Mods.

    Them classics look amazing !! Your new project with the vector v looks amazing aswell ant wait to see the finished product ! Good work
  12. Allegiance

    Great work Lundy ! Are these models still being worked on and be released in the future ?
  13. The difference of x2 MSAA and x4...

    Awesome job man !
  14. Screenshot - 7_23_2017 , 10_16_10 PM.png

    Agreed my friend . It's a work of beauty realy look forward to having her in my fleet
  15. Rocky Mountain Sheriff

    Wow this is amazing ! Great work

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