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  1. My game crash, help pls :(

    FIXED; I open Rage plugin with gta 5 opened and works!
  2. Hey! I installed everything but my game crash when is loading... I tried reinstall all but doesn't work.. Please I your help :( I don't know if this can help you but this is my last log: https://pastebin.com/m85CHcBs
  3. LSPDFR Plugin crash when tries to load....

    Sow how u fix it exactly? I have same problem :(
  4. I would do it but enb has another d3d11 .dll ... so what can I do?
  5. Hey guys, my game crash if I try to play LSPDFR with any reshade. Specifically gives me that crash if is Reshade.dll in the GTAV main folder.... Any solutions for this?!
  6. Lspdfr Crashes rph 0.44

    Ok idk why guys but I remove all gta 5 folder and only installed gta 5, lpsdfr and rhp and now works,,, idk why but works so thanks guys for all. I FIND THE PROBLEM!!! Always happens when I install this graphics mod; https://es.gta5-mods.com/misc/naturalvision-photorealistic-gtav
  7. Lspdfr Crashes rph 0.44

    I'm gonna try, thanks.
  8. Lspdfr Crashes rph 0.44

    Ok I did it and LSPDFR Troubleshooter gives me 0 errors, so what can I do?
  9. Lspdfr Crashes rph 0.44

    I'm gonna try it bro thanks :D
  10. Game Crashes/ Ragehook issue

    same here dude, my game crash and idk what i have to do
  11. Lspdfr Crashes rph 0.44

    So anyone knows solutions?
  12. Lspdfr Crashes rph 0.44

    I downloaded LSPDFR (last version) and RPH (o.42.) and crash again when I start a game, any solution?