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  1. LSPDFR 0.4 - Announcement + First Preview

    This is great news! Glad that you're still developing LSPDFR. Please tell me you'll be fixing several of the annoying bugs in 0.3 such as the U-turning traffic on freeways, the AI arrest bug (where if the AI arrests someone and you walk away you get units turning up on scene for the suspect and then they just abandon their cars) and the stopping/arresting civ bug (where it glitches out and you can no longer stop or arrest someone without aiming a gun at them). Also the use of character customization built into LSPDFR is great! Especially as some people have problems getting EUP working for them. So hats off you guys! Can't wait to see what else you have planned for this update.
  2. [ELS] Los Santos Police Vanilla Pack - Final

    Never thought I'd use ELS in a GTA game after the instability of GTA IV using ELS, but these vehicles are brilliant if you want to keep your game lore and vallina friendly, but with the added realism of your light setups and choice of custom liveries. There are one or two problems with certain vehicles, for example the Contender and the insurgent seem to have problems using the handling/vehicle lines provided in the pack which cause the game to crash when spawning or entering them, but once you get around the issues they work great. Highly recommend, I just wish that more vehicles could be added in the future *hint hint* @NefariousBonne & @DukSezQuak A little bonus aswell...
  3. BeastyBill88's Gallery

  4. BCSO Skin Pack For Templated Vanilla Vehicles

    Hey sorry for not getting back to you, I'm not on the site much nowadays. The Cheval Fugitive that I skinned is no longer available to download, you can try contacting LT. Caine and asking him for the vehicle to see if he ill send it to you as he is the one who released it.
  5. For a future version would it be possible to further add to the location sync so that in the INI so that we can define what police peds & vehicles are used for each zone? For example I have my highway cars named Hwaycar1 2 3 etc instead of it being a sheriff unit while on the highways, it would be nice to see this implemented into your traffic stop backup aswell :)
  6. LSPDFR1033

    Please can we get a video to demo the new dispatcher?
  7. NefariousBonne & DukSezQuak's WIP Thread

    Well damn! Look at that lol. I'll try and get around to joining the discord server at somepoint.
  8. NefariousBonne & DukSezQuak's WIP Thread

    Would you be able to add a uvmapped version of the APC from the gun running DLC to this pack? So that we can have liveries on it?
  9. Suspect's heading off road

    Thanks they they do look good don't they, they're part of NefariousBonne & DukSezQuak's vanilla pack.
  10. BeastyBill88's LSPDFR Gallery

    More screenshots after the latest update. Mostly night shots, enjoy. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- CREDIT Various mod creators items used. COPYRIGHT © All Images by BeastyBill88 8 Lincoln 13 Dispatch, can I get a 10-28 when ready Drop that fucking gun right now! Full moon tonight... I wonder what strange things will happen 10-99! Suspect making making off from traffic stop! Traffic stop in the big city Copy dispatch, responding code 3 SAHP, stop your vehicle right now! 10-50! 10-50, suspect just crashed into our cruiser! Go ahead... Make my day punk! ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Classic Vapid rallying
  11. NefariousBonne & DukSezQuak's WIP Thread

    I would love to see these especially the Buffalo S. Would it be possible to add the stock version I.e this one aswell if you're able to get permissions.
  12. NefariousBonne & DukSezQuak's WIP Thread

    Nice :) so what other vehicles will be added other than the ones you've already mentioned? Will you be adding the police transport van in the next update?
  13. NefariousBonne & DukSezQuak's WIP Thread

    I like this alot! Will the lighting set up be able to have red/blue and all blue like the other vehicles in the pack?
  14. BeastyBill88's LSPDFR Gallery

    More images, I changed out my liveries I've gone back to semi real with LSPD, LSSD & SAHP skins. Today's images are SAHP based from one of my latest patrols. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- CREDIT Various mod creators items used. COPYRIGHT © All Images by BeastyBill88 Dispatch suspect taking off! I'm gonna be code 3 after this guy. Suspects heading off road 10-50, 10-50! Roll EMS! Hands up! We got you now buddy! Dispatch can I get a 10-28 Show me code 6 with a stopped vehicle 10-4 dispatch I'm 23 on scene TC! I repeat TC! Suspect involved in a collision 10-99! Shots fired! Officers down! Mess with the bull you get the horns
  15. NefariousBonne & DukSezQuak's WIP Thread

    Do you mean this Yosemite? From GTA 5 Mods https://www.gta5-mods.com/vehicles/brute-yosemite

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