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  1. LSPDFR Computer+

    how can i make the computer screen to fit my screen like the picture mine fills up my whole screen i want it to be smaller
  2. computer plus problem

    I installed computer plus i want to make the computer screen smaller like the one in the picture because when i want to make a ticket for the suspect the citation part is not showing and my mouse doesn't move up it said to put raw input but i did and it still doesnt work
  3. Need help

    oh ok i thought there was a download link somewhere thanks tho
  4. Need help

    I want to download costal callouts but i dont know how it a beta
  5. lspdfr crash

    I installed better ems mod into lspdfr everything loads up successfully but when i press semicolon for an ambulance lspdfr will crash i used albo troubleshooter but there was no error does anyone know whats wrong?
  6. brightness

    should i use the purple mod folder
  7. brightness

    it didnt show up but thats ok thanks
  8. brightness

    i wanted to use it but it only has 8 thing in it like in the picture it that ok to use
  9. brightness

    sorry for not reponding i use the _mod file not the purple mod file and the highlighted picture is the exact path i go to the vehicle.rpf thanks for the help
  10. brightness

    it still spawned the gta 5 version of police 3
  11. brightness

    Even if i still spawn it from the trainer it will spawn the gta version i dont know why it doesnt work i spawned police 3 and i put a ford utilty for police 3 and spawns the one in the picture how
  12. brightness

    This is off-topic but should i start a new topic but when i put any ford utilty vehicles i cant find it in the police station only crown victoria cars work I dont know why like the one in the picture
  13. brightness

    That worked thanks
  14. brightness

    I have radiance v very bright and the light are still very bad as you can tell from the screenshots i tried many things and it still not very great and i want it to be like the 3rd screenshot Thanks
  15. sirens

    I have a question, siren mastery loads but i don't know how to make the screen pop up on the screen

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