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  1. Most updated spark iv

    i guess it can be closed worked out old link of sparkiv
  2. Most updated spark iv

    Welp i tend to creat stuff before looking evrywhere issue resolved you can hide/delete my other posts as well their old and irelevant
  3. Most updated spark iv

    I need spark iv my personal fav to use to mod gta iv too but i cant seem to find a a safe updated version to use it. I have done the downgrade patch already
  4. So i want to install lcpdfr again and dont fuck up like i did. I just want nypd lcpd skinned cars like cvpi and charger or taurus, unmarked cvpi as fib car, big riot police truck as unarked sub. Prison cage unit the big truck to be a truck. Then the cruiser noose and the other one idk yet. i have like a gb of stuff downloaded and rdy to be tried. http://prntscr.com/d79ib3 Then gunplay realistic hud.dat file which removes and improves realism of guns and that. spike strips. Police uniforms and that. braveheart ofc, cop manager, coroner, els, policing script, ticket time and towing. policehelper. http://prntscr.com/d79jce then i have weapons like sounds and skins. I hope still a decent amount of people still play or know how to install newer mods of gta iv lcpdfr to use and that and would use some time to help me. I know how to install most of the stuff from the instructions and tutorials and know how to use spark iv (easy) haha And maybe install some other stuff like i want to try an enb i get decent enough fps so i think i can run an enb. And if i can get even more fps that would be amazing cuz its around 40fps. And it is a pretty clean pc. Thanks for any help in advance!
  5. Removing aim circle in gta iv

    so iwe gotten a new script or mod which removes the cirlce and it makes it more realistic and such so now i got a little dot but i want to remove it too but i dont know how to? so if anyone still plays gta iv and could help it is greatly appreciated (dont know if this is the right forum)...

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