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  1. Northern Gardens Police Department Pack

    Thanks I'm struggling here... do you know how to make non els?
  2. 2015 Tahoe Pack

    Can you make non els version?
  3. My LCPD NON ELS collection

    Roman bowling
  4. NON ELS Cars

    Did someone maybe have not released NON ELS police vehicles? I find a very good pictures of amazing non els police vehicles but which are never released... I know all these people who create them are now into GTA V, but I hope these GTA IV non els models are not deleted and gone forever..
  5. NON-ELS Dodge Challenger

  6. when the non els version looks better then els

    Can you release non els, please?
  7. non els utility

    Non els? This car will be relesed?
  8. About GTA IV

    Look at GTAIV downloading stats, at newest car packs and police peds there are more than 1000 downloads... so lcpdfr is pretty much alive, even there are no new mods
  9. About GTA IV

    GTA IV definitely is worth it, it's much more realistic than V and lspdfr.
  10. Trainer Area Radius

    Could someone knows what this function do in Trainer? AreaRadius=100 //Radius for Clear Area If I change to 200 or 50 what will happen, it will not increase fps?
  11. 2011 cvpi remake of code zero skin

    Looks like there is Christmas going on in lcpdfr
  12. 2013 FPIS Slicktop/Unmarked

    wow, what is happening, all of sudden GTA IV are alive in the past few days
  13. Willard Marbelle Taxi (Template Included)

    Please, do that
  14. NYPD Officer

    How can I get Winter cap? It's a only hat which not appear...
  15. NYPD Officer

    I'm not a fan with those baggy pants usually I like tighter but awesome work definitely I will try out

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