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  1. 27 vehicles ready to roll out holy shit and your not even done. Woot woot #beastmode
  2. Sentinel's Showroom

    Lol I was more joking. But that's cool too love Hawthorne PD and lapd but Chp is king
  3. Los Santos Police Department Pack (ELS)

    Wow love waking up and seeing a dank pack I wasn't expecting Good Job Slendis
  4. I am very excited to see what Troop each vehicle is and match it accordingly in San Andreas and patrol in those distinct areas. Huge fan of the realism. Also in preparation I want the correct siren. What siren does NYSP use? As well as white plains?
  5. But why takes all the flavor from the realism of the NYSP
  6. most likely 100% not gonna happen
  7. So your done with the cars your working on? when you finish the rest your gonna do an add on pack? Does that mean Soon really is soon I get to use these sweet fucken cars?? I got a Boner from looking at those pictures GAY
  8. New York is the best state

    Roll this muthafucken pack out
  9. Soon. Maybe.

    She is a beauty
  10. Sentinel's Showroom

    Beastttttt!!!!!!!!!!!!!! keep it up
  11. Keep it up damn already 3 down wooot
  12. Sentinel's Showroom

    I'm in Cali and it is sad to say but very true. All I see now are slicktops there taking the lightbars off and giving them to the chargers. I might see one Vic every few months lots of 13 explorers and Chargers. I don't even see very many 16 explorers. BUT AGAIN BESIDE THE POINT I'll be happy just to have real proper chp vics

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