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About Me

First time that i saw some clips about LCPDFR i was instantly addicted.

I started to create a account (lcpdfr) and dowloaded some Modification like LCPDFR, CVPI LAPD, IVDashCam although i had not GTA IV. One Year later i get the game and was wondering why nothing works.

That was the moment were i started to learn everything about the modifications, about LCPDFR, about patches, about compatibility, about bugs, about Game Crashes and others. When you take a look at my Computer you can see i got the whole LCPDFR Mod Database. :tongue:

I am a part of the whole GTA IV LCPDFR clans history in germany. I was a clan member of GPD and than than ASC. At last and still a aktiv member in GSRP (now known as MGTF - Multi Gaming Task Force). And wohoho we got some storys. In my Opinion GTA IV is still the best GTA.

And Now?

I started to help in the Forum. Make my self textures and upload it. and being Sgt.Blackburn.

And thats why my English ist a little bit better than before. I live in Germany.


Take a look at our last Video Project: 


you find me in many communitys with the Name ziipzaaapM16A4, Amironaldo1 ore Sgt.Blackburn.