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  1. Heli edition [WIP]

    Ok then, what's the issue? trainer only says you have one livery (number 0)? If so you might want to try reimporting your liveries, sometimes Openiv will kind of corrupt some texture and the game won't recognize it, happened to me always with liveries. One way to see if it did that is also to change mip map level, if the texture gets duplicated it means it was invalid and you can delete the older one, i.e. the one with the previous amount of mip maps.
  2. Heli edition [WIP]

    Is the ytd set up properly? sign_1 to sign_** (depends how many liveries you have)
  3. Caprice Fan Club

    *shrug* oke then
  4. Caprice Fan Club

    Meh. 200k polies are fine as long as lods are fine :) (meaning LOD0 will never actually "load" in traffic cause it's >15 metres) and if the L1 is = L0 with a LQ engine and interior. Carface's Caprices are good sure, but they're a bit dated now, and don't have readily available LODs like Forza cars.
  5. Caprice Fan Club

    I would do it myself but IDK what the differences are...
  6. Caprice Fan Club

    We need a Civvy caprice /multiple, done on the Forza one Lundy released rather than on the old SA one :p
  7. Rancho Division

    Why isn't it compatible? It's a dlc
  8. 1st it's in handling.meta, 2nd it's the line <nInitialDriveGears value="6" /> Ciao.
  9. Rancho Division

    You already can, look harder in the DL section
  10. Freedom!

    This texture looks really nice
  11. 20170906182612_1.jpg

    This is lovely
  12. 20170818204750_1.jpg

    So nice in HQ
  13. Ba Donk

    Is it supposed to look cartoonish?
  14. GTA IV style LSPD fleet

    TBH I think the 1st gen rims of the stanier looked crap and low poly lol. + they look like '98 CVPI rims rather than Impala rims
  15. Los Santos Police Department CVPI/K-9 CVPI

    The hubcap texture looks messed up a bit (the normal maybe)