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  1. 52

    But I meant also Tahoe, Charger, etc.. the whole deal :p
  2. 52

    Will the be other models other than FPI's?
  3. 2011 Ontario Provincial Police Stealth CVPI

    Nope D:
  4. 49

    Thus looks really fitting :)
  5. 2011 Ontario Provincial Police Stealth CVPI

    Nice wheel texture
  6. P7B

  7. Offroading in Style.

    100% might be a bit of a long stretch but alright.
  8. P7B

    Uh.... normals? How do those affect the material that bad? lul :D
  9. P7B

    That's one matte looking chrome
  10. Vapid STD Stanier - LSPD

    Right now I think it looks closer to the older version of that
  11. Coffee Break

    Oh I see, nice. Why the name change tho?
  12. Coffee Break

    Is that a merge of Marbelle and Willard?
  13. 2016 Chevrolet Suburban

    They can just use the body _ao, it's the same thing basically, except with shadows instead of poly lines.
  14. 2016 Chevrolet Suburban

    It's civilian....
    gfxle is back????