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  1. Lower the opacity on the rear window?
  2. Los Santos Police [ELS] Highway Patrol Charger

    Lightbar Federal Signal Valor
  3. Los Santos Fire Department [ELS] Suburban

    not sure what your .xml file looks like but try this:
  4. Los Santos Fire Department [ELS] Suburban

    I don't recall there being any blue left. Do you have a screenshot of the blue in-game?
  5. sounds like a bad model or the model is installed incorrectly.
  6. [WIP]County Callouts Pack [ALPHA]

    he's talking about the \LSPDFR\Police Scanner subfolder most callouts come with. I'm assuming you do not utilize this.
  7. Most likely, which is why you shouldn't immediately update when they come out.
  8. yeah, you're looking at it.
  9. I'm having a problem, please help!

    Try removing the trainerv yeah. If you haven't rebooted recently, try that too.

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