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  1. Stay cool

    god, i cant wait someone to make a funny cops series with the 3 characters. Like short movies. ^_^
  2. New modeled Safety vest using uppr base shape, based on Boston safety vest. UV mapped from zero.
  3. 700 poligons, new modeled VIEVU Bodycam. Nothing interesting since it was simple to model but i figured out we need some solid and standard parts to equip peds. I will eventually model the shoulder/glasses axon one too as a variation.
  4. Some short updates: (First pic is from the first in-game test i made few weeks ago) Still testing rigging and shading things and planning what things i'am going to include. I will be working on the radio wire positions soon. Stay tuned
  5. Some renders ahead: Decided to use the taser x2: I will upload renders when its done. After adjusting the cord to fit different positions for the different accs drawables i will include some more details such as bodycam, side 3d patches, etc.
  6. Still working out the new equipment i will add. Been doing some in game tests to check rigging issues and shading. Progress will be faster than before this time since i got a license again.
  7. [WIP] Enhanced LSPD Cop

    it will be actually possible adding new drawables for it with the updated cop holster plugin by @PieRGud
  8. [WIP] Enhanced LSPD Cop

    @SiCK PUPPY Not sure about that, Never tested this RDE personally so i can't guide you through a solution. Okey so everyone, here is another testing for the upcoming V4.5 release. I am finishing college exams next month so i hope to be releasing the new modeled belt with V5 end of July. Things take time and studies/work comes before gaming. I am also working on a fiveM version that supports multiple hats and glasses props to add more functionality to the ped (sahp helmet, vanilla cop hat, ball hat, snow beannie, tinted glasses and clear glasses, new glasses model,etc.) Low quality due to shitty recording software configuration (OBS) ...i never got to fix that. anyway, its just a short and testing purpose video, so i guess its fine ;D
  9. fiveM could be next...u dont remember the previous mp client thats was shutted down by T2 months/year ago? .....
  10. https://forums.gta5-mods.com/topic/11900/the-end-of-gta-v-modding-has-come