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  1. Ticket Time

    Great work. I will be looking forward to installing this asap. You once again managed to complete so much in such little time which is impressive. -PriorityCode3
  2. Spike Strip

    I see you've come out of the darkness. You've been quiet for a very long time Capito.
  3. Version V.1


    ===================== == Overview On Mod == ===================== These handcuff sounds are from my personal service handcuffs that I use while on duty. The purpose of this mod is to make the game more realistic by introducing more realistic sounds into the games atmosphere. With LCPDFR 1.0 These sounds can now be heard by other officers arresting pedestrians for you, or during world events. The sounds are loud on purpose. How To Play? Copy The CUFFS_TIGHTEN_01.wav file into your scripts folder. (Note: You do need LCPDFR 1.0 or LCPDFR .90 For this mod to work.) Online Roelplay: Works Just Fine, Other Players Will Not Hear The Exact Same Sound As You When You Arrest Someone Unless They Have The Exact File Installed As Well. Support: If you have any questions or concerns about the mod, please them here. Please read the ''Read Me'' text file. It will explain how to use it, install it, and other things like that. This mod has only been tested on LCPDFR 1.0 and LCPDFR .90, so I am not sure if it works on any other versions. Current Version/New Updates: Version 1 (Updated on 1/20/14 Uploaded.) Example Of The Mod: http://youtu.be/q13loBlO5Lg I will upload another video soon showing them off a bit better and the video will only focus on the handcuff sounds. IF YOU USE THESE IN A VIDEO PLEASE GIVE ME CREDIT! ITS NICE TO BE ACKNOWLEDGED FOR MY WORK PLEASE! Copy Right Notice To Disclaimer: THIS IS PROHIBITED TO BE UPLOADED TO ANY OTHER WEBSITE IN ANY WAY, SHAPE, OR FORM. A DCMA Notice Will Be Sent And Legal Action Will Be Taken If Found Anywhere Else Without Proper Permission To Be Re-Uploaded. ////////////////////////////////// ///////// LCPDFR.com ///////// //////////////////////////////////
  4. Force Duty Control for 1.0?

    Just a quick question regarding this, when I was at a drug deal callout I arrested both suspects then when prisoner transport hauled them off the pink dot didn't dissapear from the map and I couldn't go back on duty so I tried reloading scripts. I closed the command console, pressed ALT P, and then when I tried re opening the command console and typing in "Forceduty" it said ERROR IN SCRIPT 'LCPDFR_Public_Loader.PublicScript'! So any ideas on why it would keep doing this?
  5. Infinity Load

    So let me just give you guys the basics so that most of your questions can be answered. Yes I am running te game as administrator, I do have a vanilla game directory, and I am running Grand Theft Auto EFLC. I installed the game with the automatic installer and it installed just fine with no problems. I however run the game and when the game tried to load it just loads for infinity. Any thoughts? Disregard. Steam Decided To Have A Bunch Of Files That Did Not Automatically Install For The Last Year And A Half That I Have Had The Game So It Finished Updating And The Game Seems To Be Working Now.
  6. NoControl

    Interesting, It seems like I have seen this before. I think it was on gpm however fuck them so I don't care :) great mod!
  7. Yes they did DDoS LCPDFR many times and their teamspeak servers many times also. They tried and tried but never succeeded to be better than LCPDFR and that's why they don't like them.
  8. Very informative speech Sam, as always LCPDFR will continue to grow and it will be the best place for grand theft auto/Eflc modifications. Gpm gave it their best to try and DDoS LCPDFR and me partially because of the negative encounters that I had with gpm and ovves but they lost in the long run. Dispite all of the things that have happened, LCPDFR was still able to progress to be the best mod for Gta4/Eflc and was able to accomplish being the best community modding site that there ever is because of its sophisticated and intelligent staff, & developers, and because of the deticted memers that put their time and hard work into their modifications just to please and satisfy everyone else. I look forward to being apart if the LCPDFR community for many years to come And I can't wait to see what the mod looks like 1 year from now with whatever updates or improvements that have been made to it. -JACK
  9. LAPD Dispatch System

    Great Idea! I have been waiting for this for a very long long time. Only one problem. When I try and do anything after logging in, like when I try and enter in a callout, or when I try and create my unit number, I get this problem:
  10. BaySideRoleplay - Join Us today!

    From the album LCPDFR ( GTAIV ) Police action pictures

    Join the elgin emergency services today! apply on the website to get started. http://major-gaming.com/topic/595-bsves-applications/#entry2067

    © JACK

  11. BS Emergency Services

    From the album LCPDFR ( GTAIV ) Police action pictures

    Our Emergency Services vehicles. This is IMGV.2. Wanna join us, go to my profile and look at were it says about me, then look at the bottom and you will find the link to the website. Fill out an application, Go on teamspeak, and ur done!

    © JACK

  12. Wichita Police Helicopter

    You did nothing wrong Baehman, just ignore all those other people that want to stick their face in your business, if the author has not written place anywhere that says "Dont reupload" then your fine. The helicopter looks great by the way great job!
  13. You can use Abraxes Tow Truck Mod, Thats the only way to do it.
  14. Improve Partner/General police AI.

    What he is saying that in LCPDFR 1.0 (after LCPDFR.95) comes out, that should be fixed. You made my day... lol
  15. Wichita Police Helicopter

    Unfortunate that it was removed..
  16. Wichita Police Helicopter

    Why should you care? Its not your mod. Besides, if he made the helicopter, then I am sure no one else could make a skin exactly for it because he hasn't ever released it till now
  17. Bait Car Mod

    If you read the read me you would know what to do. But you first press ` then type in baitcar then press enter and then the menu for the bait car mod will come up.
  18. Im sure allot of people would like to make their own mod to be better than lcpdfr but scripting is just too complicated
  19. Bait Car Mod

    This user DOES NOT have my

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