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  1. wip dodge charger lapd 2015 valor.

    need this is my life! nice work
  2. Lightbar too bright

    I finally snapped some photos and got them to upload. The first you can see the police1 is a lot brighter than the explorer in police3. the front isn't AS bad as the rear. The last picture is the charger with a different lightbar than the other two in the sheriff slot and it looks perfect. GTA5 2015-11-28 15-08-59-36.bmp GTA5 2015-11-28 15-09-12-12.bmp GTA5 2015-11-28 15-09-55-43.bmp
  3. Lightbar too bright

    Only when the emergency lights are turned on
  4. Hey guys, I found a few topics talking about this and have tried everything, but I am still having issues. Any cvpi especially with an arjent lightbar is super bright day or night especially the amber part .I have them installed in police and police 2 slots. I have the Ford Explorer in police 3 and added the line to carvariations and it is a lot better but still a little bright. I have a 2012 charger (can't remember who's model at the moment) and it works just fine in sheriff slot with different lightbar. I am not by computer now to get screen shot. I am running radiance v and hav tried the Amber parking lights and clear light bars. Also checked siren settings and adjusted numbers of emissive light on vehiclemeta. Also, if I turn my post fx to normal I get dim effect that some people are posting about but high or very high I'm getting the same result of being too bright.I'm sure I have not done something correct or over looked something stupid. Any help would be great thanks!
  5. LSPDFR 0.3 Announcement + First Preview

  6. Has anyone heard an update on this? I can't get the zmodeler forums open.

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