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  1. Radar conflict

    Has anybody had this problem?
  2. Radar conflict

    I cannot seem to get this to work along side Traffic Policer. Is it because Traffic Policer has its own radar? The error states that I need to remove this plugin to use Traffic Policer. Has anyone got this to work along side of Traffic Policer? Thank You
  3. Realistic Speed Radar

    I cannot seem to get this to work along side Traffic Policer. Is it because Traffic Policer has its own radar? Maybe the 2 radars are conflicting each other? Edit: I tried again and the error states that this plugin needs to be removed while using traffic policer.
  4. Blaine County COBRA

    Just A Note: I figured it out. Thanks for the help. Very much appreciated.
  5. Blaine County COBRA

    The top photo is what the tahoe looks like when I get close to it. As you can see below it is in the game. Any ideas as to why this may be happening? I figured if I put the photos here, somebody may have had the same issue and know how to fix it. Thanks for the help.
  6. Blaine County COBRA

    The only mod I have like that is Rage Show My Location which works very well I might add :)
  7. Blaine County COBRA

    Actually, I have not changed any meta lines in the game. I was wrong, sorry
  8. Blaine County COBRA

    Yes, My game just updated today. 16 is the latest as far as I know. And yes, I changed the meta files. Thanks for trying to help.
  9. Blaine County COBRA

    I downloaded 2 more cars and placed the files in patchday 16. Still the same problem. I guess I will just have to use the original cars.
  10. Blaine County COBRA

    Well, I got it in game. It looks awesome! But when I ran up to it all excited to drive it, it turned into the original car with no wheels or lights. I don't know, I might just give up on it.
  11. Blaine County COBRA

    I will try that. Thank You
  12. Blaine County COBRA

    Hi Guys. I am trying to install this Tahoe using OpenIV. I have been at it for 2 hours. I have followed the installation instructions but cannot get it in the game. I have used Open IV before with no issues at all. Can someone please paste the path to exactly where it should be? Thank You Sorry, Just realized I put this in the wrong spot.
  13. Traffic Policer not working

    I just downloaded a fresh installation of all of the required files including albo common. I will try that. Right now I am trying to figure out what is wrong with Better Ems. Not working in game or showing on police smart radio. I have been playing LSPDFR for a long time and never had these problems. Thanks for the response.
  14. Traffic Policer not working

    Thanks for the heads up. I will reinstall it and see if that helps.
  15. Traffic Policer not working

    I am having the same problem with Traffic Policer. The message I get in game is: (from the RPH Log) Traffic Policer compatibility warning: The current game version is newer than 1.0.1103.2 and may be incompatible due to RPH Do I have to wait for Traffic Policer to be updated to use it, or am I missing something here? Thank You.

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