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  1. Realism Dispatch Enhanced

    Hello great mod, how to replace the vinalla police vehicle of RDE with ELS cars? I would be happy if someone answeres me :)
  2. Realism Dispatch Enhanced

    Great mod. How to replace Police cars form RDE?
  3. Custom Backup

    Hello, I have a few questions about this mod. 1. Are the areas configurable? 2. Is there also a Highway patrol? 3. Does this mod add Police car Slots and are there introstructions how to replace them? I would be happy if you answer me. :)
  4. This mod is amazing!! :) A huge ,,Thank you" to all creators.
  5. Great. Will there be any instructions how to change the jurisdictions?
  6. Ok thank you. When is the update?
  7. Ok thank you. But if I install a addon police car with a new police car slot can I use the emergency light also?
  8. Deos this nice mod work with Redux?
  9. Improved Lighting Pattern

    This looks really good, does it work with VisualV? I am sorry for asking
  10. Improved Lighting Pattern

    Ok. Thank you for the answer. Which graphic mod would you suggest?
  11. Improved Lighting Pattern

    Does this mod work with Redux?
  12. I have a question. If I call backup in this area, does a police vehicle from this area, does a vehicle from there respond?
  13. Thank you for the answer. But how do I add slots?
  14. Police Car Slots

    Hello dear Community, I have a problem with the police car slots. I don't know which police slot is for Los Santos, which for Sandy Shores, which for Blaine County, which for Highway Patrol and which for Paleto Bay. Are there police slots for these locations? I would be very happy if you answer me. Best Regards Niklas
  15. Polizei Fahrzeug Slots

    Hallo liebe deutsche Community, ich habe folgende Frage, Welche Polizeislots sind jetzt für Los Santos, welche für Sandy Shores, welche für die Highway Patrol, welche für Blaine County und welche für Paleto Bay? Ich weiß, dass es police2 usw und sheriff gibt, aber welche Polizeislots sind jetzt für die oben genannten Gebiete? Ich würde mich über eure Hilfe sehr freuen. Liebe Grüße Niklas

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