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  1. Rambar

    There are some rambars on the modding forum that you could use.
  2. I think a CVPI pack is coming soon?

    Looks amazing!
  3. Let's play a game, find the american flag!

    In the Chevy logo.
  4. Lets get real now.

    Apparently they are gonna have some 2015 chargers:
  5. LSPDFR Patrols

  6. A or B

  7. 2017 California Highway Patrol Mega Pack - ELS

    On both the 2015 chargers, You can also see it in the video from Mroxplay at 10:15
  8. 2017 California Highway Patrol Mega Pack - ELS

    There is an issue with the 2015 charger, It has normal game plates on the rear of the car and the front plates are linked to the template.
  9. Can't find 'Police1' in OpenIV?

    It's just called police.ytf
  10. ELS Beeping

    I believe it's in the ELS.ini.
  11. ELS Problem

    This is not a ELS pack.
  12. Guess The Next Poster..

    No. Maybe Sniper is next?
  13. LAPD Pack

    Maybe you can ask OfficerFive0.
  14. Spotted this around 9 o'clock

    The other picture had the number 12-2016, this one has 21-4032. So does this mean that 12-21-2016 is a possible release date? Because 4032 is just 2016 times two.