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  1. Beach

    Are you not planning on adding the dash light to the newer chargers? Either way I'm excited for another real life pack
  2. Since some people understandably don't want to create whole new backup files by themselves, I figured a joint thread would be a good idea. Here is my version: Readme: Unit setup downloads: (Only required if you like real cars/want to get the most out of livery control. If not, remove "livery" from vehicle lines)
  3. Egypt Mosque Attatck

    The problems are the human rights violations. Again, whenever a country has a majority of its people practicing Islam, Islam becomes the primary religion by law. Again, Sharia Law is the end goal of Islam. The whole point I have been making is that Sharia Law is implemented when a country has a populace that primarily worships Islam. Laws can be changed pretty easily once a majority of the population feels a certain way. The problem is that Islam is fundamentally incompatible with the constitution because it explicitly goes against beliefs such as freedom of religion and equality. Christianity has adapted to the times, but Islam hasn't.
  4. Egypt Mosque Attatck

    Except we can ban something here and prevent it from bringing its problems over here. History has shown that when a country's primary religion becomes Islam, Sharia Law is implemented. So we should accept a religion that is most likely violent and at the very least commits blatant human rights violations on a daily basis because if we don't, they will attack us? You talk about how it's funny that 2nd amendment supporters don't care about the constitution when it comes to this issue, I find it funny that your side doesn't care about blatant human rights violations as long as it's done under a religion that is seen as persecuted. And again, what country that practices Sharia Law would you like to live in? Key phrase there:"that doesn't have Islam as its main religion"
  5. Egypt Mosque Attatck

    Again, every Muslim-Majority country practices Sharia Law. Sharia Law completely contradicts the Constitution. It completely contradicts basic human rights, such as freedom of religion, education, equality among genders, equality among races. Anyone who isn't a devout Muslim in a country that practices Sharia Law is a 2nd class citizen, and half of the Muslim population might as well be a 3rd class citizen. Women can't receive an education. Women can't own property. Saudi Arabia just recently started allowing women to drive, and that's a far more progressive country than most that practice Sharia Law. People who are openly Homosexuals get imprisoned or executed. If a woman goes some where unescorted by a man and gets raped, SHE gets stoned to death for adultery. Islam isn't just a religion, it's a form of government.
  6. Egypt Mosque Attatck

    Because the Bill of Rights is ultimately the most rights any government has ever granted its people. The entire goal of Islam is to implement Sharia Law worldwide. Name one Islamic country you would like to live in. The only ones with decent standards of living are deplorable for human rights, including other religions, minorities and women.
  7. LSPDFR 0.4 - Epic Customization

    How much of the backup menu is changed with the new version? Also, would it be possible to choose in game whether they respond with guns out or not? I want standard patrol officers to have long guns available, but I don't want to call for backup on a traffic stop and have them arrive with M4s out.
  8. Again, you are ignoring one of the most important thoughts in my argument. Not everyone can fight off an attacker, and an attacker doesn't always stop at money or valuable items. A small woman would find it incredibly hard if not impossible fight off an average sized male. An elderly man who broke a bone the last time he fell down couldn't use a baseball bat to any measure of effectiveness. I know it's a life we are talking about, but I am talking about lives that have no value to an attacker. I put the value of the life of a law abiding citizen over some one who is actively hurting people for personal gain in his/her life. Your solution is bashing some one's head in with a baseball bat. That seems like a much more violent way to go than being shot, and blunt force trauma is the cause of death in thousands of homicides a year in the United States. The courts won't decide what decision you make before you make it. And again, what if an attacker(s) has an advantage on you? I'm not a religious man, the quote was there solely to demonstrate my point that firearms are an equalizer and a tool for self defense.
  9. There's been no confusion up to this point. We have always been talking about mass shooters. But since you lost that argument and want to change the subject, we are now talking about anyone who intends to cause harm to the innocent, physically or monetarily. You don't know that a home invader is only there to rob stuff. Most likely, if they come at night, they expect people to be there, and are fully willing to commit violence. If some one forcibly enters my home, they do not have good intentions. Your problem is that you assume everyone lives by the concepts of your imaginary world, and that no one wants to hurt you. They don't care about you buddy. What many of you people refuse to understand is that not everyone is equal. An average career criminal has been in prison multiple times, fighting his whole life and leaves prison in amazing shape. An average male rarely works out. Then we talk about other potential victims- women, the elderly, children. A majority of robbers work in teams, because it's hard to carry a TV out by yourself. So now we have multiple attackers in good shape against people already at a disadvantage in a one-on-one struggle for life. Being shot at scares the shit out of them and makes them run. My state has a concept called Castle Law. Legally speaking, they recognize it is my natural right to kill anyone who forcibly enters my home, because some one who does that has no good intentions. I fully plan on exercising that right if I need to. And I live in the safest county in the state, so it's far from the wild west you imagine it to be. God may have created man, but Samuel Colt made them equal.
  10. A shooter wants nothing but the maximum body count. He doesn't care about you, your husband or your family, and he definitely doesn't give a damn about a jury of his peers. The only solution is putting an end to his violent intentions as fast as possible, whether that is subduing him at gunpoint or shooting him. The fact that you equate equal force in self defense with a cold blooded killing because you don't trust yourself says everything about you. Would you rather have a shooter kill 2 people and be killed himself by a citizen defending him/herself, or wait for police to arrive after 12 people have been killed? The answer is obvious to anyone who cares about humanity. Talk to anyone in an infantry unit. They aren't bloodthirsty psychopaths, they are people looking to achieve a purpose of destroying the country's enemies since they trained their entire career for that moment. When they get back home, a vast majority are well rounded again, and tears shed are almost exclusively for lost comrades.
  11. The problem with your entire premise is that it is inherently flawed. As humans, we are a tribal society. We work to advance the human race as a whole in the way we see best. Whether it is making scientific discoveries that improve longevity, cultivating food for nourishment, or adding numbers to our population so that they may advance the tribe should we not be able to. Part of being in that tribe is defending it at all costs, especially those closest to you. If you are out with family, and some one starts opening fire and hitting people near you, there is no question whether he is guilty or not. Humanity has always had to fight predators seeking to destroy it-bears, saber-toothed tigers or wolves. Unfortunately, as technology advances the most dangerous threat to our survival we face is our fellow man. When defending this tribe, it is not about taking life. It is about saving it. The moment some one kills innocents, he/she lowers himself from humanity. Ending that threat immediately, instead of waiting for him/her to run out of the means or enjoyment to continue, saves lives. That is a fact that can't be argued. Not only does it save the lives of those immediately there, it saves lives down the road. People that would've been parents. A doctor. A police officer. Some one who might make a major scientific discovery that moves us into the next age. Tell me, if someone you cared about was caught up in one of these horrible acts, would you want someone to step in to save them by taking out the attacker? This is why your argument is asinine to 10s of millions of Americans. When lives are at stake in the immediate moment, there is no time to wait for police or a judiciary process. A threat has to be taken out ASAP to save lives. If you truly believe that a wolf attacking your fellow man shouldn't be stopped, then you don't belong in the tribe. The world is a scary place, and scary men are needed in order to protect your comfort.
  12. Not really on topic or what I was getting at, just that the idea that there aren't units who go to war filled with glee is laughable.
  13. You're telling me a shooter like the one in Parkland will go through the judiciary system to decide if he should kill people or not? Just look at Sutherland Springs. A bystander grabbed a rifle and stepped in, putting an end to the shooters rampage. A shooter with more guns, ammo, and who was most likely on his way to another target. A legally armed law abiding citizen stepped in, effectively engaged the shooter, and kept him at gunpoint for 7 minutes before police arrived to take over for him. The entire point of training is to make the act of taking a human life not only meaningless, but thoughtless. The only thoughts that should be running through a soldiers head when being engaged are on how to effectively eliminate the threat with the least friendly casualties possible. Any thought on justification or the value of human life is reserved until after they are in safety, the only thought in their heads is making sure their brothers returns to their family. The mindset of infantry units is incredibly different from soft-skills, which are almost like civilians in comparison. Every time they go out the wire they are praying some one is dumb enough to shoot at them. The ones who don't have this mindset are taken off the line as quickly as possible. I'm not saying there are not mental issues after the fact, just that it is something you don't worry about when you are in theater.
  14. What "works" is that nearly every single time one of these shooters is confronted by someone with a gun, they give up or kill themselves. The problem with your whole "try it out" theory is that it was tried out. It was tried out with the Assault Weapons Ban of 94-04, and it had no discernible effect. Lets say we try something along the lines of turning all guns in, I doubt that the 2nd amendment would be restored, regardless if the ban works or not. The 2nd amendment is part of multiple contingency plans the founding fathers put in place. Some of those include the trust in the military to put the people before the government, the freedom of speech to speak out against the government in order to prevent a tyrannical government from arising, and finally the 2nd amendment as a last resort.
  15. FIB HRT Uniform - EUP Texture Mod

    Those are regional FBI SWAT teams. HRT uses multicam:
  16. LSMPD 'Addon DLC' [Part two]

    What about a 2016 FPIU now that TheHurk released his model? Something like that would be well received to compliment the other SUVs, especially since it seems to be what the LVMPD is going to.
  17. Basically, higher ups aren't getting accurate number updates from personnel offices, and they can't account for where every soldier/contractor is stationed at. There is no central database of everyone, just smaller units reporting up. No one is physically missing, just missing from the databases of staff at a much higher level than their units. OPS has always been a shitshow, nothing new.
  18. @Ben All it really takes is one generation of hostile interests, say from rich and powerful individuals buying out the right people. The constitution does have various laws, such as strict details on how each branch of the government should be run and how each branch cancels other ones out. But people are people, and the wrong people can have a very good chance of getting into power. And before some one brings up the vast technological differences between armed citizens and the military, there is a reason why we haven't won a war against an insurgency.
  19. Double taps are a good start, but until the threat goes down you need to keep shooting. That's why police in the US are trained center mass and usually mag dump in their shootings. I doubt you took the time to read the articles I provided, so I'll summarize them. The police officer in the first one used a .45 ACP glock to fire at a bank robbery suspect. To quote the article: This occurred over 56 seconds. It was only ended with 3 shots to the head. The suspect was not on any sort of mind altering substance, only pure adrenaline. In the second article, the mother emptied all 5 shots from her .38 caliber revolver into the neck and face of the burglar. He only left after she convinced him she had more rounds, and still stumbled down the stairs, got into his car, and drove a block away. Should he have been inclined, he could have killed her in that time frame. Large magazines can also be a hindrance. At the movie theater shooting in Colorado, James Holmes initially started with an AR-15 that had a 100 round beta mag in it. It jammed, as those things are pieces of crap, and he was able to hit more people with the shotgun. Finally, there are billions of magazines in circulation. Good luck finding them all.
  20. The police, which most people tend to consider to be highly trained with firearms, tend to miss 86% of their shots in shootings Fun fact, they're not highly trained. Most do not shoot in their off time, and qualifications are usually only required twice a year, depending on department of course. The most stringent policy I know of is LVMPD's, which requires all officers to qualify with every firearm each month. As for most people being able to be stopped with 2 bullets, that is purely asinine. Every human reacts differently to the same trauma. and a majority of gun shot victims in the US are capable of being saved because of medical care. During this time, they are still capable of fighting. Some cases I like to point out to people: https://www.policeone.com/police-heroes/articles/6199620-Why-one-cop-carries-145-rounds-of-ammo-on-the-job/ http://www.nydailynews.com/news/national/georgia-mom-shoots-home-intruder-face-article-1.1234400 Even more so, when adrenaline flows pain can be completely ignored. I personally know multiple people that have been shot and not realized it until some one pointed it out.
  21. And statistically speaking, you're more likely to be struck by lightning twice and win the lottery in the same life than be caught in a mass shooting. You want statistics on guns, the most anti-gun presidential administration we ever had (Clinton) had the Department of Justice conduct a study on firearms used to prevent crime. It's conclusion was that guns are used defensively in 1.5 million incidents a year, and that merely brandishing or firing a warning shot was enough to scare off an attacker. Because no one was shot in a vast majority of those cases, a police report isn't filed.
  22. The Las Vegas scenario is an extreme outlier. As you pointed out, guns weren't allowed in the venue because of the alcohol consumption (NOT saying that they should have been). The shooter was in a high vantage point, capable of committing plunging fire down into a tightly packed crowd with limited exits. Even responding cops couldn't do anything besides make their way to the floor and breach, for fear of hitting innocents in the hotel while trying to fire several hundred meters away (the average police sniper engagement range is 70 meters). It should also be noted that having a firearm in a hotel in Nevada is illegal. But, we also have to look at scenarios that didn't make the news because they weren't flashy enough. Its a fact that most mass shootings, particularly schools, occur in gun free zones where it is illegal for people to bring firearms. It also has an effect on other shootings, such as the movie theater shooting in Colorado. James Holmes had multiple theaters closer to him than the one he chose, including ones with bigger venues. But the one he chose was a gun free zone, unlike other ones. The exact scenario you mentioned with multiple people pulling out concealed carry pieces happened a few days ago in Colorado. Multiple people drew their firearms, causing the suspect to flee from the scene. Another example happened at the Clackamas Mall in Oregon, just 2 days before the Sandy Hook shooting. After a man started shooting an AR-15 at shoppers, a concealed carrier that didn't notice the gun free zone sign drew his Glock 22, taking aim at the shooter but not firing for fear of hitting bystanders. The shooter noticed however, running around a corner and shooting himself. Ignoring this man's politics, he has a number of good points and statistics on mass shootings. Very few shooters choose to fight after confronting some one with a gun, be it civilians or law enforcement. The vast majority give up or kill themselves. At the very least, it pulls the shooter's attention away from the bystanders and puts his/her attention towards the bigger threat, the good guy with the gun.
  23. See Warren v. District of Columbia. The job of the police is to investigate crimes and violations of city ordinances after it is committed. On the rest of the post, while it may seem harsh, the world is a dangerous place. While most certainly not the victims fault, the main point that can be taken away is that there are sick individuals in the world, and as the old adage goes, when you need immediate help, police are only 5 minutes away on average. Meanwhile, it takes only minutes to bleed out from severe trauma to an artery. As I pointed out in my previous post, the suspect was being chased by an armed citizen that intervened. The citizen was on the phone with dispatch as he chased the shot attacker at 95 mph. Even after the suspect crashed, it took the police 7 minutes to arrive to the biggest priority call in their log. You can continue to rely on the police if you want, just don't expect me to give up on my own natural right to protect the life of myself and those around me.
  24. A pre ban select fire m16 lower receiver tends to be at least $12,000, so unlikely he had multiples of those. Converting an AR-15 to true select fire is fairly difficult for a layman, and I'm sure something would have came out by now if he had multiple legal class 3 firearms.
  25. And half the posts in this thread just got blown out: To recap the video, the man interviewed witnessed the shooter (who had a dishonorable discharge and is unable to legally purchase a gun) in a gunfight with what the interviewee recognized as a good person. The good person had a rifle and engaged the suspect, most likely hitting him. A high speed chase ensued when the good person with the gun hopped in the vehicle of the man being interviewed, and they gave chase to the suspect, on the phone with law enforcement the whole time. The suspect crashed, died (most likely a combination of being shot and the impact), and the citizen held him at gunpoint. Despite being on the phone with police for however long the chase happened, and informing them that the mass shooting suspect was in their sight, it still took police 7 minutes to respond to their location. I recall having this conversation with you before. Instead of going into the details of the fact fully automatic weapons are a major pain in the ass to obtain or afford or the fact that automatic means more than one bullet being fired every time the trigger is pulled, I'll ask you to name one shooting in the US committed with a fully automatic weapon where the owner jumped through all the legal hoops in the last 50 years. I'll give you a hint, it was a cop who shot his cheating wife and her lover with an uzi.

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