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  1. Los Santos Noir

    @verony28066 An update is being worked on. There will be some smaller things like requested name customization, controls customization etc. and one new case I'm currently working on. Please hold on with writing your own case, there was some changes in the way we save and load certain things in StagesData files. @ChickenMan1252 We need a log excerpt with the error description. Please DO NOT paste here your complete log though.
  2. For some reason entity.GetAttachedBlip() returns null ref. You should store your blip in a variable: Blip policeBlip = new Blip(police); and refer in your code to that variable.
  3. The Wasteland

    Please provide me an excerpt from your log that says what kind of error has occurred.
  4. Los Santos Noir

    @Qudufy Duck Look for "RagePluginHook.log" in your main GTA V folder (the same one where GTA5.exe is located), then paste here (or use pastebin) the part of your log that says about what kind of exception has occured.
  5. Los Santos Noir

    @JBrawn Look for "RagePluginHook.log" in your main GTA V folder (the same one where GTA5.exe is located). @Gorenank We are working on fixes to all issues you guys reported + some other minor refinements. Simultaneously I work on some documentation on how to create a case.
  6. Los Santos Noir

    @loopy100 You can remove a file in which the mod stores player's progress in certain case, you'll find it here: "Grand Theft Auto V\Plugins\LSPDFR\LSNoir\Cases\[CASE_NAME]\Progress\CaseProgress.xml"
  7. Los Santos Noir

    @pav500 It looks like your game crashes when the mod tries to spawn suspect's ped. Make sure you have the latest RPH installed AND disable all other mods to check if it's some kind of mod-interference. @GoldenBuffy You can obtain your log from RAGEPluginHook.log which is located in the main GTA V installation folder. In case anything goes wrong you can re-load LSPDFR, after that your current stage will be re-started allowing to play it properly. @OfficerPettigrew Please, provide us your log, especially the fragment with the description of an exception which occurs when you leave your vehicle. @JBrawn Please, provide us your log with an exception message. @TheRazerBoy I'll add a customizable coroner van model to our ToDo list.
  8. Los Santos Noir

    @pav500 Unfortunately your log does not contain an information on an exception you encounter. Can you retry to trigger this crash? @KnightHawkOne Case progress (passed stages) is saved so you can reload LSPD:FR to restart your current stage. @Recklessjay Could you provide us your log with the description of your crash while using a terminal? The arrest stage is buggy indeed and the suspect does not have a proper LSPD:FR name set because we've got some issues forcing LSPD:FR to cooperate with us. I can only promise we'll be trying to make it better.
  9. Los Santos Noir

    @pav500 Please use a spoiler or pastebin.com and show us what's in your RagePluginHook.log. You can paste only the last few lines which says about what kind of exception has occured. @Steele1925 We would be very thankful if you could help us checking text for errors. I'm not a native speaker and Fiskey is busy with programming tasks. I'll contact you with details.
  10. Los Santos Noir

    How are we supposed to create auto-generated cases since they require so many resources with specific informations? Even in LA Noire there are no stories created on-the-fly. It is too damn complicated to do sth like that in that budget and time.
  11. Los Santos Noir

    @Slushy Creating a case is already available for everyone but we've got no documentation on this subject and it requires to work on raw xml files (aka no in-game tool). You can review files that are stored in \Cases folder - you'll be able to easily identify how it is made. We'll prepare some kind of tutorial in the future.
  12. Los Santos Noir

    1) Issues with finding a drug dealer in Vespucci: as Fiskey mentioned, we don't want the mod to be too obvious and easy to complete. The detective work in real consists of 90% of laborous tasks like canvassing, collecting informations. That's what we wanted to re-create in-game. We can add a more helpful description to the dialog with a cop from narcotics or a computer entry about the guy but please don't expect any blips or "Press X to find a dealer" :D 2) Bugs w/ invalid peds: we are aware of that, it does occur sometimes and requires some kind of advanced protection as the game removes entities very aggressively whenever it wants to. ATM you can wait for the other cops to arrest the suspect. 3) Dialogues speed: I think we can make it customizable (config file entry). 4) Hardware requiremens: it has to be a local issue. I run GTA + LSN on a laptop with i3 + 635M and 8GB of RAM quite smoothly on low/med details. 5) Cases: creating a case like in the release version takes 10-12 hours of honest work for each case. The current system of waiting for a call reflects the real way of how detective work is done. 6) As for the mod so structurally complicated there are very few bugs. Still, we are thankful for every report containing a log excerpt so we can easily diagnose and fix existing issues.
  13. Los Santos Noir

    It has something to do with Rockstar's changes to natives. It'll be fixed the next update. Thanks for a great report with your log!
  14. [WIP] L.S. Noir

    Even like it's right now available to download. Have few bugs!
  15. [WIP] L.S. Noir

    No, we slowed down significantly since both of us started regular jobs but expect a surprise in the next couple of days.

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