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  1. Russian Siren "Элина" (Elina)

    Honestly, I found it very funny to hear the siren sound from the Bear country, but BTW, I like it. If I have to say more, I never watched a reference on how the actual Russian police cruiser's siren sounds like.
  2. Continuing NooseMod: Action Errors

    You know what... I think this plugin mod for LCPDFR will be a big roundup since most of the features are not supported in LCPDFR (such as cash reward for player and suspect detection system whether he/she's dead or busted). I'm dropping the progress of this NooseMod API development for LCPDFR for a considerably unknown time because I already started other API projects that use LCPDFR. Any of you reading this want to pull my codes from GitHub and wanted to contribute, feel free. My script mods are open-source and can be opened with Visual Studio 2012 or later.
  3. Continuing NooseMod: Action Errors

    Alright, now the shit happens. Sorry for the rude word, ever since I was sick for 3 days and running college exams for 2 weeks, but now got another problem. The error was logged awkwardly when I modified the code to make it less bugs, in which unfortunately, was introduced another "bug" in the NooseMod. Last log: There was something that caused it in the source code - I can't be able to tell where it is, even though I've read again the lines for more than 2 times. The criminals (terrorists) and hostages are somewhat disappear when entering the interior and when the chase happens, the callout script then BOOM! Errors. Also I'm thinking about "patience timer" for the terrorists, however was deemed not so good about it. The ETA timer was incorrect and always said on the top left corner about the time that's exactly when the callout starts, even though I set them lower or higher. Also the tick timer was... how can I say this... unsure. Last time I set them higher and the ticker drains slower that you may think it is. Now I set lower and it was damn fast, like... if you respond from Alderney, for example, a hostage will be killed when arrived on a scene if you're a second late (in which you encounter factors like traffic and sudden collision from a civilian or a car, or maybe ticketing the guy in a car that just bumped your police car that takes a minute or two). Screenshots provided as well. Really a damn lousy one if you look more than twice on it.
  4. Continuing NooseMod: Action Errors

    I'll keep that in mind. ATM I'm far away from my computer because of holiday trip to Singapore. I'll let you know if there're problems again, @LtFlash, thanks.
  5. Continuing NooseMod: Action Errors

    Hold on, that means... should I break the callout script content into parts? Like Squad placed in a new controller called Squad.cs and called from there? For the extension methods, I saw that once on one of JulioNIB's scripts called RocketLock that was open-source in VB. Still, well... idk how to explain this, but I'm getting confused about how to use extension method. My programming language are basics only, of which I learned Pascal and Java (and a bit of C++) from the college. C# is autodidact that none in the college lessons learn it, so I learned it from the book. Also, I've added some part of coding from the original NooseMod into mine for custom player rearming when the player is near an Enforcer (while on duty as a SWAT member), but eventually I got an error that caused Main plugin to halt: [ERROR - 3:29:29 PM] [PluginManager] Unhandled exception caught while processing plugin: NooseMod. Plugin will no longer be executed. [ERROR - 3:29:29 PM] [Plugin.NooseMod] System.NullReferenceException: Object reference not set to an instance of an object. at .( Vehicle ) in d:\GTA IV\LCPDFR\SVN\trunk\LCPD First Response\Engine\Scripting\Entities\Extensions Wrappers\CVehicleExtension.cs:line 55 at LCPD_First_Response.LCPDFR.API.LVehicle.FromGTAVehicle(Vehicle vehicle) in d:\GTA IV\LCPDFR\SVN\trunk\LCPD First Response\LCPDFR\API\LVehicle.cs:line 167 at NooseMod_LCPDFR.Main.GetEnforcerArmoryState() in c:\Users\USER\Documents\Visual Studio 2012\Projects\C\proyek_gta\NooseMod_LCPDFR\NooseMod_LCPDFR\Main.cs:line 532 at NooseMod_LCPDFR.Main.ProcessEnforcerAbility() in c:\Users\USER\Documents\Visual Studio 2012\Projects\C\proyek_gta\NooseMod_LCPDFR\NooseMod_LCPDFR\Main.cs:line 541 at NooseMod_LCPDFR.Main.Process() in c:\Users\USER\Documents\Visual Studio 2012\Projects\C\proyek_gta\NooseMod_LCPDFR\NooseMod_LCPDFR\Main.cs:line 325 at .() in d:\GTA IV\LCPDFR\SVN\trunk\LCPD First Response\Engine\Scripting\Plugins\PluginManager.cs:line 158 [ERROR - 3:29:29 PM] [ExceptionHandler] ‫‭‌‭‪‬‪‪‪‮‏‫‍‌‭‬‎‍‌‮‪‬‬‮.‌‬‮‎‪‭‬‏‪‍‍‎‭‏‏‏‪‍‏‮‬‍‮‌‮(‭‏‪‬‫‫‮‌‫‎‏‮‮‮‫‍‏‌‍‎‌‎‭‍‍‮ , Vehicle ) L_0056 LCPD_First_Response.LCPDFR.API.LVehicle.FromGTAVehicle(Vehicle vehicle) L_0000 NooseMod_LCPDFR.Main.GetEnforcerArmoryState() L_001b NooseMod_LCPDFR.Main.ProcessEnforcerAbility() L_000e NooseMod_LCPDFR.Main.Process() L_0001 ‍‬‏‏‍‏‭‏‏‎‫‌‫‮‪‍‮‮‪‫‏‪‮.‌‪‫‫‏‮‍‫‎‭‍‮‫‏‭‏‮‬‏‭‍‎‍‍‬‫‌‮() L_0026 Error hash: E300819A782774E0CF928BE24EC1CA26AE7B0E20 The codes are usual pushed to my GitHub for debugging. Source Code The error was taken the moment after close to the Enforcer, rearm, and left. I've modified the code since the last one caused me to unable to get back into Enforcer when rearming "in live". I think the issues might be the GetEnforcerArmoryState() since it was an old coding (and modified a bit for LCPDFR API), but maybe I'll consider breaking it instead of that. private bool GetEnforcerArmoryState() { LVehicle closestVehicle = LVehicle.FromGTAVehicle(World.GetClosestVehicle(lcpdfrPlayer.Ped.Position, 3f)); return closestVehicle != null && closestVehicle.Model.ModelInfo.Hash == Enforcer; }
  6. Well... so much fun with the V and RDE I started to forget my NooseMod project, now I'm back to continue it. Okay, got my next run of this project using LCPDFR API as the basis and edited some of the codes as I code and "joke" around, and still got some errors. I'm holding advices from @LtFlash until this is sorted out. During my run with the NooseMod I got errors like this: [ERROR - 4:03:29 PM] [Script.CalloutManager] Error while processing callout: NooseMod: Object reference not set to an instance of an object. at NooseMod_LCPDFR.Callouts.NooseMod.Initialize() in c:\Users\USER\Documents\Visual Studio 2012\Projects\C#\proyek_gta\NooseMod_LCPDFR\NooseMod_LCPDFR\Callouts\NooseMod.cs:line 1339 at NooseMod_LCPDFR.Callouts.NooseMod.WaitFor2ndTeam() in c:\Users\USER\Documents\Visual Studio 2012\Projects\C#\proyek_gta\NooseMod_LCPDFR\NooseMod_LCPDFR\Callouts\NooseMod.cs:line 1189 at NooseMod_LCPDFR.Callouts.NooseMod.Process() in c:\Users\USER\Documents\Visual Studio 2012\Projects\C#\proyek_gta\NooseMod_LCPDFR\NooseMod_LCPDFR\Callouts\NooseMod.cs:line 1750 at ‮‌‫‫‏‫‎‬‭‌‮‏‌‎‫‏‮‮.‌‪‫‫‏‮‍‫‎‭‍‮‫‏‭‏‮‬‏‭‍‎‍‍‬‫‌‮() in d:\GTA IV\LCPDFR\SVN\trunk\LCPD First Response\LCPDFR\Callouts\CalloutManager.cs:line 250 [ERROR - 4:03:29 PM] [Script.NooseMod] System.NullReferenceException: Object reference not set to an instance of an object. at NooseMod_LCPDFR.Callouts.NooseMod.Initialize() in c:\Users\USER\Documents\Visual Studio 2012\Projects\C\proyek_gta\NooseMod_LCPDFR\NooseMod_LCPDFR\Callouts\NooseMod.cs:line 1339 at NooseMod_LCPDFR.Callouts.NooseMod.WaitFor2ndTeam() in c:\Users\USER\Documents\Visual Studio 2012\Projects\C\proyek_gta\NooseMod_LCPDFR\NooseMod_LCPDFR\Callouts\NooseMod.cs:line 1189 at NooseMod_LCPDFR.Callouts.NooseMod.Process() in c:\Users\USER\Documents\Visual Studio 2012\Projects\C\proyek_gta\NooseMod_LCPDFR\NooseMod_LCPDFR\Callouts\NooseMod.cs:line 1750 at .() in d:\GTA IV\LCPDFR\SVN\trunk\LCPD First Response\LCPDFR\Callouts\CalloutManager.cs:line 250 [ERROR - 4:03:29 PM] [ExceptionHandler] NooseMod_LCPDFR.Callouts.NooseMod.Initialize() L_0563 NooseMod_LCPDFR.Callouts.NooseMod.WaitFor2ndTeam() L_0075 NooseMod_LCPDFR.Callouts.NooseMod.Process() L_0053 ‮‌‫‫‏‫‎‬‭‌‮‏‌‎‫‏‮‮.‌‪‫‫‏‮‍‫‎‭‍‮‫‏‭‏‮‬‏‭‍‎‍‍‬‫‌‮() L_0331 Error hash: F5C1B28FE99C95E846787D02448A769F5ABD3B63 [ERROR - 4:03:29 PM] [Script.NooseMod] Cannot execute cleanup on peds: System.NullReferenceException: Object reference not set to an instance of an object. at NooseMod_LCPDFR.Callouts.NooseMod.End() in c:\Users\USER\Documents\Visual Studio 2012\Projects\C#\proyek_gta\NooseMod_LCPDFR\NooseMod_LCPDFR\Callouts\NooseMod.cs:line 1857 Source Code of NooseMod.cs I also include the last screenshot where the error happens. I really don't know the last thing I edited on it after 3 months of RDE configuration modding and I just continue it all the way in. While I try to sort this out, any help will be appreciated.
  7. Version 1.0.0


    Consider looking for a better version of optional police vehicles for PoliceToolbox? Have a look on what I work. I've modified the CSI Granger and Stanier K9 texture to a lore-friendly and high quality, but fictional texture. It's a bit of realism work I have done at this moment. When I have time I'll be doing the CVPI and Tahoe/Suburban. Note that these vehicle textures do not include the model on its own (only YTD files), so you'll have to download separately. And as most of all this is required if you have downloaded the PoliceToolbox script. The Granger model is basically a regular Sheriff Granger that have its textures modded for PTB purposes, but I enhanced it so that there would be no more black coloring on some parts (numbering is where I "peek"). The Stanier is another story. You'll need to install the Police Stanier from Stock Vehicle Template Pack by Thero here; the old model PTB mod provided isn't gonna work on the new YTD file.
  8. Version 1.0


    My custom police response configuration for 3 packages in place: Realism Dispatch Enhanced IV Car Pack Vanillaworks Extended Pack I did this during my free time as I saw a mixture of multiple car packs and most of the new cars (add-on cars) are either spawned only by player (LSPDFR) or tend to not showing in the world, so I took my time to test the potential of RDE with all my skills, particularly with XML coding, in about 3 months testing. In such, this custom police response configuration requires: Realism Dispatch Enhanced IV Car Pack: here Vanillaworks Extended Pack (required and also need to install RDE + IVPack + World of Variety Support): here As everyone should know, RDE will be updated soon enough after Rockstar released a new DLC and game update, which in such, as it is updated, this mod should only compatible with version 3.1.1, though if you are smart enough, you can bypass the response configuration to make it work on the latest version of it. I can't say enough about what I worked on this. Most of these feature car additions and bug fix as per 3.1.1 of the RDE, of which it includes cars (police vehicles) from both IV Car Pack and Vanillaworks Extended Pack. Some of the bugfixes I provided will be obsolete when RDE is updated (thanks to @Yard1 for sharing thoughts with me). I hope you enjoy. It's the least I can do for an early Christmas gift. The video I provided here isn't gonna show how these new vehicles spawn - chances are very small depending on certain zones and how do you treat them in VehicleGroups.xml. I'll provide the selections from RDE installation in later version, but then again, you'll have to do manual installing instead of using RDE installer (reinstalling will lose all changes made to your current configuration). Special Thanks to the developers of the RDE (GTA Realism Team) for allowing other users to publish custom configuration files for use with the RDE.
  9. Anyway, sorry to intrude, but I recently found some awkward description about "Canis Crusader is replaced by Military Patriot" (or should I say, a bug that I can't tell for RDE). In game, when you buy the vehicles from a website (Warstock Cache and Carry in this instance), I found out that Crusader is replaced by Military Patriot. I do see that it has no problems at all, but when you're planning to buy a realistic and militarized Humvee (or in my days of LockOn: Flaming Cliffs 2 game it's known as M1025 HMMWV, an unarmed version of Humvee used for ATC backup in case if the airbase tower is destroyed or when at a FARP) for your collection in your aircraft hangar, the car name changes, but the pictures and description don't. I found it weird in some cases (and I think others may feel the same), but you can ignore it if it's okay. I'm planning in my expansion pack to remap this Patriot as the third Crusader vehicle and restores the first one to its maximum potential, if I can't figure out which OXT lines and images contained that carry them.
  10. Actually, my friend, before I attempted to add more vehicles, I did experienced popping in textures after more than an hour of retarded fun with cops. That was at the first time RDE installed with some of the weapon realism mods; no add-on vehicles or peds used at that time. Added cars after RDE have no effect for prolonged use w/o wanted level unless either added to the dispatch files, repeated vehicle spawns (RDE and some other script mods that implement it), or any other factors. Temporarily deactivating it should improve performance, though, and I see it did the job when it comes to LSPDFR.
  11. I see. Then I have something to tell ya, @Yard1 My 10 minutes testing with RDE is fine. I've been testing all vehicles provided from that and seems to have no problems. Only the thing I concern is the Hunter helicopter, which weirdly was exist in Smugglers' Run DLC. I had to apply the bugfix on it since the handling and vehicles metadata are duplicated but differ in data inside (one in RDE, one in Smugglers' Run itself). I've already tested the Hunter helicopter since RDE 3.0.1, but in 3.1.1, it has conflicts with Smugglers' Run Hunter helicopter. My bugfix is that I apply the RDE's handling and vehicles into Smugglers' Run handling and vehicles, then deactivate the ones in RDE. I got this since two months ago, but I'm too shy to report in to the team developers. Also, I've been testing RDE into a prolonged use (2 hours or more of retarded fun with the cops and army), and just like you said, game crash when traveling into some parts of LS. Another thing... there are popping in textures as well as "glassy surface" (because of popping in textures) that makes you can see the underworld right under the player's feet. I've been testing it for almost more than 20 times in 2 months and my reports are more or less same. Oh yeah, I'm testing it with at least 500+ vehicle and ped add-ons; most of them are from Panico Total at 5-Mods and some are hand-picked. I also implemented his USCG Pack into the RDE to add extra variety (USCG Predator and USCG Swift are not enough). I've been including it into the proposed custom dispatch that I'll be releasing it before the New Year. In the other side, most parts of the story missions are compatible with RDE (noting that I started the new game with RDE installed), only for the Evasion Time itself takes quite longer (got Bronze in "Carbine Rifles" mission for the Jewel Heist no matter how many times I tried unless I cheated). "The Paleto Score" however, was my favorite, where I can see BCSO officers rock 'n roll when the heist happens and the Army comes for a KO. RDE should add difficulty with SWATs swarming in, but in there, LSPD SWATs? I had to say that it's a game script that spawns LSPD SWATs in LSPD Riot instead of BCSO SWATs or NOOSE SWATs. Any other missions look fine, including "The Final Score" where you rob the Union Depository. That's all I can report in for my review with RDE.
  12. Hey, @Yard1, just come by here at the wrong place and the wrong time anyway. I've been spending my time before the end of 2017 for testing Realism Dispatch Enhanced to its maximum potential, and guess what, I'm getting a hang of it. Personally I'd like to leave a feedback, but I have other matters to attend to, especially with lots of homeworks going on. Your team's mod was really awesome, but apparently after 5 stars, you can't even surrender to cops anymore. Is this normal? I'd personally chose the Police Bribe mod to reduce stars to 4 and surrender, if that's ever saw fit. Also I'm developing my own dispatch system for RDE since I combined IV Car Pack and Vanillaworks Extended Pack into one. Only a few more steps towards upload before the New Year. Anyway, I forgot the RDE's mod description again. Is it okay to publish a custom dispatch system for RDE? And I also make a showcase video with RDE and some other mods in place. Say hello to The Realism Team from me.
  13. NooseMod: having trouble with main callout

    Anyway, @LtFlash I managed to use the method to bypass the deprecated method to get the blips, but eventually it got an error when coding with Find method. I had to do workaround like this: Blip[] myBlips = Blip.GetAllBlipsOfType(BlipType.Ped); foreach (Blip myBlip in myBlips) { if (myBlip.GetAttachedItem() == myped) { if (myBlip != null) myBlip.Delete(); } else continue; } Is this okay?
  14. NooseMod: having trouble with main callout

    Wow... you know every solutions I have for the project I'm developing. But what's done is done. I'll take your advice if I want to make other LCPDFR API project, @LtFlash. Likewise, if I want to use it in my ongoing project, that means code redesigning. ATM, my method is quite stable to me, because enumerations are processed in the Process function, like the way original Pursuit callout works (LCPDFR mostly processes ongoing event from the Process function). If I have a trouble again while designing this callout, I'll post again in this thread.
  15. NooseMod: having trouble with main callout

    Well... I dunno what to say, but I appreciate your feedback. However, I know from the way you said about "RegisterStateCallback" (I even declare it in MissionState class), but mine's very different. Like I said, the callout looks awkward no matter I force setting the State to what I want, although I did follow what you said before you tell me that. I currently had to remove the RegisterStateCallback function and process every method in Process area. That, fortunately, sorted (solved) the problem out. BTW, should I change 2^n (2 powered by n number) with the regular integer (0, 1, 2, 4, 8, 16, and so on), or keep it as is? 2^1 is similar to 2. public override void Process() { base.Process(); // here is where I bypass the awkward callout when RegisterStateCallback is used // It's stable, perhaps if (mission == MissionState.GoingToMissionLocation) { WaitingForPlayer(); return; } if (mission == MissionState.WaitForTeamInsertion) { DispatchTeam(); return; } if (mission == MissionState.Initialize) { InitiateShootout(); return; } if (mission == MissionState.DuringMission) TrackPedsInPlayerRoom(); // Count on how many terrors left to be finished if (isPursuitSessionActive == false) { // Should between 1 and 3 because Intro only include 4 terrorists and 3 hostages // Frequent use of Common.GetRandomValue "might" be unstable; consider changing it? HoldUntilTerrorists_Left(Common.GetRandomValue(1, 3+1)); return; } GetArrestedTerrorists(); // If no more terrorists are active (arrested or killed in the process), end the callout if (missionPeds.Count == 0) { // Get casualties on officers and squad GetCasualties(); // Sum cash gained int cashGained = (deadSuspects.Count * MoneyForEachDeadSuspect) + (arrestedSuspects.Count * MoneyForEachArrestedSuspect) + (hostages.Count * RewardForRescuedHostages) - (deadHostages.Count * PenaltyForDeadHostage) - (officers_killed * PenaltyForOfficerCasualties) - (squad_killed * PenaltyForSquadCasualties); // Inform player on screen Functions.PrintText("Mission complete! Terrorists killed: " + deadSuspects.Count + ", Terrorists arrested: " + arrestedSuspects.Count + " Hostages killed: " + deadHostages.Count + ", Hostages rescued: " + hostages.Count + ", Officer Casualties: " + officers_killed + ", Squad Casualties: " + squad_killed + ", Income for your noble service: $" + cashGained, 30000); Functions.AddTextToTextwall("Squad, terrorist threat is neutralized. Mission complete!", LPlayer.LocalPlayer.Username); Functions.AddTextToTextwall(Functions.GetStringFromLanguageFile("CALLOUT_SHOOTOUT_END_TW"), Functions.GetStringFromLanguageFile("POLICE_SCANNER_CONTROL")); // Add cash LPlayer.LocalPlayer.Money += cashGained; // Write stats WriteStatistics(deadSuspects.Count, arrestedSuspects.Count, deadHostages.Count, hostages.Count, officers_killed, squad_killed, cashGained); // Save the progress SaveGame(); Log.Debug("Process: Commands properly assigned", this); /*// End everything PlaySound(false); PlayFinishedMissionSound(); SetCalloutFinished(true, false, false);*/ SetCalloutFinished(true, true, false); End(); } } Anyway, this is the very first mod that uses database system, if I need to go off topic for a bit. I got this learning when I practicing C# language from the book and figure out the commands on my own.

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