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  1. [req] lights for a police bike?

    Hi, anyone got a few lights that would fit on a police bike? Cause i'm trying to convert the vindicator into a police bike but I dont have any proper lights that can fit on the bike and the policeb lights are too big for me to attach
  2. Judge Dredd lawmaster/Street Judge Ped

    Is any modeler wanting to take on this request? bump

    I mean it depends upon the client you are using.
  4. Judge Dredd lawmaster/Street Judge Ped

    Um I was thinking of maybe both versions since both are pretty much equal in a sense. Also if it is possible I would like the lawgiver to be the mark ii one from the dredd movie as well as the street judge ped (male and female versions of ped would be appreciated)(sorry if asking too much)
  5. Judge Dredd lawmaster/Street Judge Ped

    Hi i was wondering if maybe anyone could do a conversion of the vindicator into a judge dredd style lawmaster bike? Also if anyone could make a street judge ped for me and maybe a lawgiver mark ii I would really appreciate it.
  6. [REQ]NEVADA DPS, RENO Police, LVMPD car pack

    I mean you got a few though its not enough for all departments because you got only DPS and thats it really
  7. [REQ]NEVADA DPS, RENO Police, LVMPD car pack

    I mean but I don't want a lore friendly pack I'd like a pack thats actually of the real-life department and there are not a lot of NEVADA els vehicles to fill all the slots since their lightbars arent being used on the site due to everyone liking wheelen or federal signal
  8. [REQ]NEVADA DPS, RENO Police, LVMPD car pack

    @sixium LSPDFR
  9. [REQ]NEVADA DPS, RENO Police, LVMPD car pack

    Hello, So here is my request: After the tragic incident in Nevada I would like to be able to patrol in LCPDFR with a NEVADA state car pack and since I know very little about actually modeling vehicles in the current modeling program that is being used I request that a modeler please be able to make vehicles from the following departments in the aforementioned state: NEVADA Department of Public Safety (Highway Patrol I think not sure) RENO Police Department Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department
  10. Why no more non-els vehicles as compared to els?

  11. Why no more non-els vehicles as compared to els?

    I mean but wouldn't both be able to do just as easily? But hey I'm not a modder so I cant comment, I only know what I know as I play.
  12. Why no more non-els vehicles as compared to els?

    I get there are many pros to ELS which is great for the community but I also wish in some way that besides the few packs that are out there that people maybe do an equivalent amount of work on both sides because im sure that people who wanna play with custom car mods but cant because of the fact that there are not a lot of cars that are non-els and thats where I kinda wonder if there was a way to make the development time on both sides equal. Like ELS vehicles and non-els vehicles take the same amount of time to make. This is just my opinion of course but couldn't there be a way to link lights to the extras? Also hopefully there can be a way to make stock-lights work the same as els.
  13. Hello, I am a person who uses non-els cars over els cars. I see the value of els and respect it but I also see the value of non-els equivalent vehicles and I just wondering why car creators have simply chosen to make els vehicles the preferred type of vehicle made over the stock lighting version of mod vehicles? I mean I do not have a problem with people making els over non-els this is just a thing that has been pondering my mind for a long time ever since els has been released.
  14. LAPD changing the light colors on slicktop cars

    I live in California and can attest to this as I have asked several different LAPD and LASD officers that I have seen around various different sections of the area I live in and they all have confirmed that their vehicles have changed from amber-blue to red-blue. They didn't list the reason since they didn't know, but I suspect that since the Arjents, valors, etc are red blue and amber lights, and most of the older slicktop marked supervisor vehicles and slicktop unmarked detective vehicles are red-blue instead of red-amber that they just wanted to have all their fleet vehicles match. But like I said its a suspicion of mine but I could be wrong.
  15. 80s LSPD


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