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  1. Grapeseed Chargers

    Looks like your speakers are a little small, I’d suggest scaling them up a little
  2. AS332 Super Puma "Los Santos County Sheriff"

    Amazing! Got to go hang with the crew back when they were running the old Sea Kings so glad to see this coming to Los Santos 🤤
  3. ELS is not working anymore

    I’m having the same exact issue, and I’ve tried re installing ELS and scripthook. No idea what’s up
  4. PHX

    Thanks! They still have some work, such as LOD’s but I’m hoping to get these out at some point soon
  5. PHX

    Yeah it’s Harrison90’s texture, cars done by me Thanks!
  6. Arizona Police Agencies

  7. K-9

    Someone should tell @Gump his ssv rims have the wrong hub cap lol
  8. Inyo - Blaine County Sheriff Mini Pack

    Pretty sure I have an HQ Inyo sheriff star, will check when I get home if you want it
  9. Fleet

    Ayyyy CMPD for the win!
  10. PB 300

    Yes!! Will this push bar be released as a dev resource??
  11. Coming Soon

    Dope!! I’ve been wanting to use more impala 😘
  12. [DEV] 2016 Chevrolet Impala Limited Police Vehicle

    Hey i love this car, but for whatever reason it crashes my game sometimes, any ideas as to why?
  13. Untitled

    Madera, Nice!!
  14. Uno Ano Mas

    That pushbar is sex:0

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