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  1. (4K) Los Santos Police Department

    One of the best looking packs that supports ELS, Great job man. Hope you come out with more ghost skins
  2. I installed it like you said and changed it to the Police slot not Police3 and install the meta file like you said but it flips when i turn to hard. nevermind
  3. Los Santos Metropolitan Police Department Pack

    Any idea when this pack will be updated?
  4. Los Santos Metropolitan Police Department Pack

    Awesome keep up the awesome work
  5. Los Santos Metropolitan Police Department Pack

    love this pack man is there going to be taurus?
  6. Los Santos Police Department (Gardena Based) Pack

    Love this pack man any Chargers or Taurus coming to it in the future?
  7. Pc good enough to run Lspdfr with mods?

    i would go with a different board but that is only because i have never had luck with gigabyte but that should be a decent rig to work with.
  8. Taking Skin Requests

    You posted on my thread thanks for giving it as shot man.
  9. i have never made a skin or even a mod and i was wondering if someone would be able to make these for me. They run mostly Vics and taurus, with one new 2016 Explore with the same graphics. These are the only pics I can find. With Blue and white lights. They also been putting more Ram bars on their cars also like the ones in this pack. Also would like to keep it as LSPD no kannopils Thank you
  10. Looking for somebody create a car pack

    I think I finally figured it out, I don't know what I did..... Just a fresh install again and boom it works. No clue what was wrong I guess the Admins can now close this post.
  11. Looking for somebody create a car pack

    The textures don't go on correct at all for my and I'm using the vehicles they say to use I never had an issue in GTA IV just this game. I even reinstalled everything twice to see if it was a bad file or something
  12. I'm looking for someone to make a pack for GTA V LSPD and LSSD I've seen so many car textures and vehicle s but I'm having a hard time getting the skins to look correct even though I'm using the correct vehicle. So long story short I'm just looking for help either getting a pack made up or getting the skins I would like already put on the cars and just getting the already done files.
  13. LCPD/NYPD light bug

    Yes I'm using Bxbugs mods and yes I followed all the steps in the rear me file sstill doing it
  14. LCPD/NYPD light bug

    The sign on the roof that say keep back is flashing so fast you cant read cause its a blurr any ideas how to fix?
  15. NYPD mods

    I didn't mean to double post my bad. I posted last night and I woke up my phone said it didn't go through so I but post again. My bad guys. Also I did a search and I get a bunch of results but I its fully what I'm looking. Its all Cvpi I'm looking for more then just them. I'll try it again and see if I just missed them.