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    I also make most of the vehicles for my game and i rarely use other vehicles besides my own but i have gotta say this thing is on point awesome work
  1. thanks and sorry i only make els models now
    Overall nice model needs some work though. And i wouldn't say its complete by any means the mirror refection are messed up and cmon man another model with no window glass data infact the front windows arent even visible in game so that needs fixed nice lighting vehicle textures are nice etc 4 star is fair 5 if these minor things are fixed
  2. What do you mean dlc. The instructions are very clear simply install the vehicle files then the meta then the els file
  3. I don't understand the instructions are simple install files into latest patcheday11
  4. Glad to hear it. And thanks
  5. That won't cause any issues it's just the Meta for the vehicle Lod
  6. yes i will in an update soon
  7. Very strange
  8. Yeah they look amazing. Ok I'll fix that in the next update
  9. did you install all the files meta also ?
  10. Haha can't wait And no problem bud
  11. They are red it's just the texture man I may edit in a future update