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User suspended for 30 days for violations related to our Plagiarism & Copyright guidelines. -LCPDFR Staff

User suspended for another 30 days for evading prior suspensions - LCPDFR Staff

About me!

Hello, I am Collauje101 and I am a Vehicle Developer for Grand Theft Auto 4. I enjoy Police Cars, Canine Units, Arkansas State Police Cars, and just law enforcement in general! I am a Soon to be Police Officer, and I am currently loving life at this point. Besides going to school, in my free time I like to play on the PC, Xbox 360/One, and watch Netflix (The complete gamers package)!I hope everyone enjoys my profile. Oh, and one last thing: PLEASE DO NOT ASK ME FOR ANY UNLOCKED VEHICLE MODELS OR PARTS!

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- IndianaIsMyState

- CrossfireGaming

- evanscornelious

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- Mustu

- IronicRainbow

- BxBugs123


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