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  1. Downloaded some mods, started RPH and bam, files spam downloading from a new update. I "Backed up" the previous version just in-case and have the file GameBackups.rph but have no idea how to run it. Figured it out. You need to hold shift when launching RPH, for anyone that needs to do this in the future and was unaware as myself.
  2. speed radar

    We need this for gta v :(
  3. Haha wow! I didn't even think about making a back up and playing in offline, despite playing GTA IV only offlinE. Now just waiting for the RPH update >.<
  4. I'm wasting time on Enforcer: Police,Crime,Action. Not the best but will do until we can get an update for the new GTA V Patch.
  5. Understandable, lets just hope someone who can code and has some free time get their hands on this post :p
  6. Only one I have found so far is by ran by ScriptHook and it's not a standalone CC mod -_-'. I find it really hard to stay at a constant speed, say 30 MPH/48KMH while watching around for crime, I.E Drug deals,cars running stop signs, turning without using indicators Exc,Exc. We definitely need this one. Show some love <3
  7. FOV Mod compatible with LSPDFR?

    So ASI mods that would originally need scripthook will run via RAGEpluginhook by putting the ASI files into the plugins folder and adding them to the startup file? If so this opens up a whole new world for me. :D
  8. FOV Mod compatible with LSPDFR?

    Thank you :)
  9. FOV Mod compatible with LSPDFR?

    Got a download link?
  10. I can't stand playing FP and not being able to glance at the speedometer (Since Rockstar's stock FOV is complete shit). The one I was using doesn't work with LSPDFR sadly, and I'm guessing it doesn't since it uses Dsound.DLL as its loader, is their currently any recommendation's or playing the waiting game again? :)
  11. LSPDFR Feature Preview

  12. LSPDFR Feature Preview

    So many people getting their panties in a bunch, just relax and wait for it. Pointing out every new thing on the site isn't necessary, LSPDFR releases, when it releases. Just as EVERYTHING else in this world. It's not wrong to "anticipate" something for its greatness, as I check this forum daily for updates but I see people with multiple posts that are practically identical, relax guys. Its only the beginning :).

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