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  1. Don't be alarmed

    Its actually all EUP, we've got it on our server. And it is amazing, so many possibilities.
  2. FiveM Screenshots

  3. #Shoot2Kill

    Cinematic images that I have taken in Grand Theft Auto 5. All images created by me.
  4. NSW Police will be receiving new vests for officers to wear in general use. They've always had tactical vests in cars but these new ones are similar to the current load bearing vests with little to no protection. Theres also under layer vests as well. Personally I think its a good idea, the more protection the better. And with the world going as it is now its better that it happens before an officer is shot or stabbed. There was talk of equipping cops with M4 rifles that I remember hearing about, but I haven't heard anything about that lately and it sounds pretty unexpected to me. http://www.theland.com.au/story/4830626/video-gallery-nsw-police-launch-new-stab-and-bullet-protection-body-armour-vests/?cs=1196#slide=6
  5. LSPDFR Australia Discussion Thread 2.0

    I will shirt front mr putin
  6. LSPDFR Australia Discussion Thread 2.0

    I think I remember somebody making a divvy van a while back. Anyone know anything about it??
  7. It sucks living in Australia, we miss out on all of these wild crazy fun expos.
  8. LSPDFR Australia Discussion Thread 2.0

    Is there any decent ones yet?
  9. LSPDFR Australia Discussion Thread 2.0

    mooses evoke
  10. Oh i thought this was a joke thread but everyone is saying it worked haha. Good find
  11. It doesnt help that they replay the same 3 episodes haha
  12. I do because I play violent video games. In all seriousness, I didn't find out about this for a pretty long time after it occurred, even then it was pretty blown over coverage wise..
  13. Basically 'checkpoints' where officers will set up somewhere and randomly pull people to the side of the road for a breathalyzer test. The van is for when you fail the handheld and take a test with the more accurate machine in the van. If the van isn't on the rbt site you usually get taken back to the station. Theres actually a show about it in Australia, I personally don't watch it as its extremely repetitive. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/RBT_(TV_series)
  14. I think a lot of people are overreacting about this. Yeah its really shitty how T2 have made such a bad decision, but right now GTA modding is not affected. OpenIV still works, which many are failing to understand. If you were smart you would have made a backup through RPH for the update that literally just came out so no issues there as well. As some have already said, there will be OpenIV alternatives if OpenIV stops working because there are people out there with the knowledge and dedication to make one. Really the only thing im pretty pissed about is now we won't get a fucking Liberty City mod from OpenIV team, i've been waiting for that since Jan 1st!!!!!
  15. LSPDFR Australia Discussion Thread 2.0

    You deserve to get cracked over the head for that one